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Sunday Morning Formulating: Green Tea Gel Hydrator

I got up this morning and while I was making my coffee, I decided to make a Green Tea Gel Hydrator to go underneath my MAP serum, moisturiser, and Rose Sunscreen. I thought I might do a quick post demonstrating … Continue reading

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Chrysalis Serum: banish dark circles forever

The above is clearly a stock photo, but it’s also a pretty good representation of what this serum did for my skin. You really need to try it. If you have issues with dark circles, dull skin, pigmentation, sun damage, … Continue reading

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10% MAP Serum + AHYP (Updated Formula)

Vitamin C is a staple of any good skincare regime. My preference at the moment is MAP, or Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, because it doesn’t have the irritation of L-Ascorbic Acid and delivers great results. I love the way it sinks … Continue reading

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Skin Care Update

Hi Everyone! Life has been extrememly hectic since I finished my PhD, but I find myself now with a small window of time with which to check in here, say hello, and update you all on my skincare routine. I … Continue reading

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The Fountain of Youth in a Cheap Plastic Bottle: KNN serum

The title of this post is intentionally provocative. We all know there is no fountain of youth, but I think perhaps DIY skincare is the closest I will ever come to it. Everything in my routine works really well together … Continue reading

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A Bespoke Skincare Line for Christmas

Want to give a unique Christmas gift? Why not create a bespoke skincare line for someone! There are lots of formulas listed on this blog (just click the skincare tag) and you can get beautiful packaging from Skin Essential Actives. … Continue reading

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DIY Skincare Resources

Hi all! I have a few DIY skincare resources to recommend to you today. The first is the Skin Essentials Active blog, which is excellent for the basics of DIY skincare. Make a coffee and have a read! Second, I … Continue reading

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Sunscreen Variation

I made another batch of my Rose Sunscreen today, but altered the recipe slightly to treat my skin to some different actives. I subbed out the CoQ10 and replaced it with Alpha Lipoic Acid.  A truly beautiful active that works … Continue reading

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What I Eat

When I wrote this post about my new year’s resolutions recently, I mentioned that I am about 80%- 90% vegan and don’t eat refined sugar or refined carbohydrates. Hayley tweeted me and asked for a bit more information on what … Continue reading

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DIY Rose Sunscreen (24% Zinc Oxide) + latest skincare routine

Hi everyone! So I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a while, and now that it’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting here with green tea in hand, I think that now is the time! I’ve posted quite a bit … Continue reading

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Study FOTD

So now that every waking moment is taking up with writing my thesis/ editing my thesis/ lying awake worrying about my thesis, makeup application has become rather streamlined. In the mornings I want something that is really quick to apply … Continue reading

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Reparing Sun Damage: My Latest Skin Pics and Routine Update

It’s been a while since I did an update on my current skincare routine, so I thought I’d regale you all with a ramble and some photos of how my skin care quest is going. For those of you who … Continue reading

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SEA Has A Blog! DIY Skincare Just Became Even Easier.

By now you probably know that SkinEssentialActives is the site from which I buy the majority of my DIY skincare ingredients because the service and quality of ingredients are excellent. Well, Natasha, the owner of SEA, has started her own … Continue reading

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Perth Online Beauty Media #POBM

So yesterday, thanks the phenomenal organisational powers of Annette from WellnessWA, Perth girls had their first online beauty media event! Hello bloggers! It was a very welcome break from the spectre of PhD editing. The venue was generously provided by … Continue reading

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Top 11 of 2011

Many things that I’ve been using throughout 2011, such as my Covergirl Lashblast mascara, Chanel Joues Contraste blushes, Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks, and so on, have not changed; so, rather than re-hash staples in my routine, I thought write a … Continue reading

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