Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating Daily Moisturiser


On a recent trip to Walgreens (America’s version of Priceline) I was on the hunt for a body moisturiser as I’d forgotten to pack one.  I’d seen Jergens referred to on some of the many blogs I read but had little recollection as to how it had rated.  Anyhow, brand recognition was enough for me, and into the basket it went.

I am very impressed with this moisturiser.  Not only is it paraben, cruelty free, and 95% of its ingredients are natural, it does what it says it will do on the bottle:”Doubles skin hydration instantly”. I was quite shocked that something bought from Walgreens could work so well, infact, better than some products at twice the price. My skin was immediately baby soft and hydrated, and stayed that way for 24 hours. The best part was that I didn’t have to spend 15 minutes rubbing in a thick moisturiser (my brief flirtation with The Body Shop’s Body Butters is still vivid in my mind) and it soaked in almost immediately.

I have never used a moisturiser that is so ‘thin’, inexpensive, yet delivers so much hydration.  It also has a really beautiful floral scent which doesn’t end up irritating my skin (or me) at all.  I’ve used this every day since I bought it, and I urge all you dry-skinned gals out there to try and track this down. The only problem is that this delightful product is only available in the US and UK, so I’m going to be stalking Ebay for this baby for many months to come.  I’m so glad I bought the jumbo size, even though it was a contributor to my 28kg suitcase at Sydney airport on the way home.

This jumbo bottle (21 fl oz, 621 ml) was USD $6.99 in Walgreens, and you can purchase a 200ml tube on Ebay for USD $7.65 plus $12.55 shipping to Australia.

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