Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream

As you get older, skin starts to lose its smoothness.

I exfoliate diligently and use retinol products as a treatment to give my skin a boost, but I was finding that the texture of my skin still needed work.

I’ve wanted to try out Revive Mositurizing Renewal Cream for some time, as it promises dramatic improvements after just two weeks of use.  I found that this night cream will not tackle redness or hyperpigmentation, but it is an outstanding product for retexturising and lifting the skin.

When I first started using Revive Mositurizing Renewal Cream, the first thing I noticed was the artificial citrus smell:  not beautiful, but not offensive either. It is meant to be used as a night cream, but is surprisingly thin compared to other night creams I’ve used. It seems to have no problem moisturising my skin at night, as it is packed with oils and shea butter. However, the glycolic acid is the real story here.

When I first applied it, there was a stinging sensation on my face for about five minutes which then disappeared. Now, when I apply the cream, I do get the odd tingle (and a sting if I apply it to broken skin), but like all these products with glycolic acid, the tingle goes away as you continue to use the product.  I apply my eye cream first to avoid dragging the Revive up around the delicate eye area.  The instructions say to avoid eyes area, neck, and chest, so I find myself using an eye cream, the Revive on my face, and yet another product on my neck and chest.

I think the results take about one week to really show, and whilst a beauty blogger like myself gets used to detecting small changes in the skin, it was when I applied foundation that I really saw a difference to the texture of my skin.  Without makeup, amongst all my hyperpigmentation and redness, my skin looked improved, but not dramatically so.  However, with foundation applied my skin looks absolutely perfect:  smooth, lifted, radiant, and about ten years younger. I’ve found myself reaching for all sorts of glowy blushes and highlighters to enhance the effect.

I stopped using Moisturizing Renewal Cream for four days to see what would happen, and sure enough my skin when back to the rougher texture that had been there before.

Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream also contains their Epidermal Growth Factor – a bioengineered protein which dramatically increases cell renewal.  It is also meant to protect against pollution, but I’m not sure if we really need this in a night cream (unless you have a penchant for sleepwalking through the city, perhaps).

The only thing that I don’t enjoy about this night cream is how artificial it is.  The results on my skin are outstanding, but looking at the list of ingredients, I would like to see more natural ingredients in there.

Revive Mositurizing Renewal Cream is available from Revive for USD $165, but if you’re looking to purchase any Revive product I would strongly suggest you visit Ebay first, which is where I bought mine. You can purchase 50mls for USD $99 plus $9.95 shipping from renew_style.  There are also sample sizes of the cream available on Ebay.

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4 Responses to Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream

  1. Dee says:

    Woo, pricy! I’ve seen it on Strawberrynet before too. Hmm, I wonder if I won that $20m lottery last night…

  2. Dempeaux says:

    Haha! Yes, it’s pricey. The only consolation is that it lasts for absolutely ages. I’ve given some samples to friends and still have a tonne left…

  3. This sounds really interesting. It’s particularly interesting, considering the ingredients, that the effect is transient. I like the sound of the results though. I’m currently eyeballing the Peau Vierge from Le Metier though. I’ve never used any retinol products and want to tip my toe in!

    Thanks for the review,
    Jane x

  4. Dempeaux says:

    Oh I really want to try the Peau Vierge; infact, I almost bought it when I was in the States recently! As I sit here typing I’m sporting Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5 – you just can’t beat a good retinol product for plumping and skin softness. I’m really enjoying the effects of the Revive too. I do love the quality of my skin when I use it :)

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