Lancome’s Secret de Vie: Unfortunately, it Works


My sample of Lancome's Secret de Vie

The full-sized orb of Lancome's Secret de Vie

The full-sized orb of Lancome's Secret de Vie

After doing some research and reading a few reviews on Lancome’s famous Secret de Vie moisturiser, I headed down to Myer to acquire a sample.  Well, after chatting to the sales assitant about all the botanical hoopla surrounding this products, she said that they didn’t have any samples, and would I like to book myself in for a facial instead?  Hmmm. No.

So I headed over to David Jones, where the tester wasn’t even on display; it is kept under lock and key in a cupboard.  After a similar story about the botanical magic that this orb holds, a sample was not forthcoming from this sales assitant either.  Instead, she handed me a booklet and invited me to “read about it”.

Well, there was no way I am going to buy a high-end moistuiser – no matter how hyped – without trying it out for a few days first.  Chanel’s Sublimage range has taught me that.

So I hunted on ebay for a sample of this stuff, and found one for $12.  Pretty reasonable.  The sample lasted for three days used on face, neck, and decolletage, and I’m afraid to say, it’s brilliant.  You know those L’Oreal ads where the arrows head upward and outward over Andy McDowell’s face?  This is what this moisturiser did for my skin.  The beginnings of wrinkles were less obvious, skin was plumped, and I looked like I’d had a great night’s sleep.  A real performer.

Thus, to the sticking point of the price:  a lazy $350 over the counter at David Jones and Myer for 50 mls.  Yikes!  Even is selling this moisturiser for $292.  If I were living in the States right now, I wouldn’t have this problem though, as a cursory search will reveals many ebay sellers (who only ship to the US) selling this product for about $150.  I can’t testify to the authenticity of the products they sell, as I’ve (obviously) never ordered from them, but they’re  worth a look.  As for me, I’m releasing the ebay hounds.  I wonder how long it will be until I cave in and head to

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2 Responses to Lancome’s Secret de Vie: Unfortunately, it Works

  1. lucia rueda says:

    Quiero averiguar cual es el secret de vie de día y cual de noche. En un viaje a USA compre el estuche completo donde viene la perla en tamano pequeno para el contorno de ojos, el serum y la perla grande y ya no recuerdo si la debo usar de día o de noche, le agradezco me informe. Y si puede decirme que diferencia visible tienen las perlas.

  2. Sylvia G says:

    Is this product discontinued? I can’t seem to find it anywhere :/

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