Lanolips – The King of Lip Balms

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Lanolips is 100% Lanolin.  That’s it.

For those who don’t know, Lanolin is a natural substance found in sheep’s wool, and this waxy substance keeps them waterproof in the rain.  It’s been used as a healing product for a very long time, both on its own and mixed with other products.

Lanolips have found a way to refine Lanolin to a medical grade standard.  As a lip balm it is moisturing and protective, and best of all, lasts for hours on the lips.  I have naturally dry lips that constantly need lip balm, and Lanolips cuts down the amount of times I have to reach into my handbag.  I’ve been through countless tubes of this stuff so I’ve noticed that this balm comes in different lip colours, but I have enough lipsticks to sink a ship so have never felt the need to try them.  Incidentally, this balm works really well under lipstick too.

The only inconvenience with this products is the tube, which you can’t just press on to your lips, so if you’re out and about you need to reach for the hand sanitiser before you apply your lip balm.  Personally, I don’t mind that though because of the exceptional quality of the product.  I’ve also used this on my cuticles and as a spot treatment for dry patches on my face, and it’s equally as effective for those purposes.

You can read more about Lanolips at  A tube costs AUD $17.95 from Priceline, or you can order online from  They ship to most countries worldwide, and shipping for this item will cost you approximately AUD $6.50.

Importantly, it’s also animal cruelty free.

Our pet sheep.  His name is Lamington.

Our pet sheep. His name is Lamington.

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4 Responses to Lanolips – The King of Lip Balms

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  2. Laura Beach says:

    Im about to go buy some this morning! My lips dry our really bad when im on airplanes so hopefully this’ll help!

  3. Dempeaux says:

    You’ll love it! I’m never without this lip balm :)

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