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Lanolips + Lamington

Yes, Lamington has acheived fame at last. Well, his wool has. Every year since we’ve had our pet sheep, Lamington, we’ve kept his wool in huge bags in order that we might create something from his wool one day. Some … Continue reading

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Latest Skin Pics

Another month, another post showing my progress. For those of you unfamilar with the reason for my scary no-makeup before/after pics, I’ve been on a quest since May to repair my skin.  The Australian sun has really caused some damage … Continue reading

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DIY Hair Volume and Growth: Part the Second

In this post I described how to make a DIY Hair Tonic to provide volume, shine, and generally promote healthy hair. I also mentioned that the ingredients in this tonic were said to promote hair growth (only anecdotally, no studies … Continue reading

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Currently Lusting After: Convertible Dresses

I’ve noticed that convertible dresses seem to be popping up in more and more places lately, and as I’m broke as broke can be, instead of buying one I’m going to share them with you! I first noticed convertible dresses … Continue reading

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Mad Men Clothing Exhibition Comes To Perth!

If you find yourself in the Perth CBD between the 7th and the 30th October, get down to the Ennex 100 Centre and see the ‘Mad for Fashion’ exhibition, featuring an awe-inspiring collection of clothing from the award-winning series Mad … Continue reading

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