Essence of Beauty – Crease Brush Duo

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These brushes are a staple in my collection – so much so, that what you see in the photos above is the Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo that I use every day, and the ‘backup’ still in their packaging.  They are both dome-shaped brushes that pick up just the right amount of eyeshadow pigment.  The larger of the two brushes I use both on the lid and in the crease (it fits beautifully) and to highlight, and in a pinch I can use it to line the lower lash line with shadow too.  It blends the eyeshadow effortlessly.  The smaller of the two brushes I use to line the lower lash line or for inner corner highlight.  I like to use this as it places the pigment very precisely and densely, so that irridescent shadows like MAC Sable or Mulch, or highlights such as NARS Kilimanjaro, are really shown off well and add a sparkle to the eye.  Best of all, these brushes are soft and have never shed a single hair.

The Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo is available from for USD $9.99 plus $5.15 shipping to Australia.

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4 Responses to Essence of Beauty – Crease Brush Duo

  1. BooBooNinja says:

    Do you still find yourself reaching for these brushes?
    Are they soft? The skin around my eyes is very sensitive and are easily irritated by scratchy brushes. I hope you see my post soon as I’m heading to the States tomorrow and want to pick up a set of these brushes. I hear they’re wonderful for smaller creases.

  2. BooBooNinja says:

    I should have worded my previous comment differently. 🙂
    Do you *still* find the brushes soft, now that you have had them for a while?
    Also, do you find the smaller brush dense enough to use as a pencil brush?
    And finally 🙂 (I promise!) have the brushes kept their shape and bristles after multiple washings?

    Thank you in advance for all your help!

  3. Dempeaux says:

    @BooBooNinja Hi there! Yes, I actually don’t have a massive collection of brushes, but I still reach for these every day. I don’t find them scratchy at all, and they have lasted brilliantly! I keep thinking that I should re-recommend them, because they’re as good as any of my MAC brushes. I usually apply shadow with my fingers, then blend out with a MAC 224 (brilliant brush – makes a mess into art ;). However, these brushes are fantastic if I want to get dark eyeshadow right down into the lashline, and when I want to bring the colour under the lower lash line. The larger or the smaller one can be used to do this, depending on the finish you want. I like the larger one for a softer, more graduated smokey eye, and l like the smaller one for more precise colour, like a darker colour on the outer corner. I also wear pencil liner every day, and the smaller one is ideal for blending out the harsh edges of the line. I use it for this purpose every day (infact, I use both these brushes every day) and have experienced no irritation at all. Definitely worth the investment. Enjoy the States! 🙂

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