Natural Flare and Eccentricity: MAC Mineralised Eyeshadows

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'Natural Flare' and 'Eccentricity'

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'Natural Flare' and 'Eccentricity'

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Natural Flare

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I’ve never tried a mineralised eyeshadow from MAC.  I remembered that many people had been disappointed with them because of their lack of pigmentation, but I’ve really been enjoying Natural Flare and Eccentricity – both offerings from the Colour Craft Collection of 2009.

Firstly, I do agree that the colour pay-off isn’t as intense as, say, some of Lorac’s latest shadows or MAC’s Veluxe Pearl finishes, but I don’t mind that at all in these quads.  Natural Flare is a neutral set of shadows, perfect for summer.  The orange did worry me at first (I have a very fair skintone), but as soon the two orange-toned shadows are paired with the dark brown, they seem to turn into a gorgeous orange-gold colour on the lid.  You can heighten this effect by adding a sweep of the glittery gold colour over the lid or at the inner corner.  Initially, I tried to use this as a highlight, but ended up with a streak of gold glitter under my eyebrow.  All told, this should be a quad that I don’t like, but I really like the orangey-gold twist on neturals that it provides.

Eccentricity is also a quad that I shouldn’t like.  I’m a confirmed neturals lover, but as you can see from the swatches above, this is a purple quad which doesn’t scream ‘I’m wearing purple eyeshadow’.  Instead, you can combine the two purples and the brown on the lid and they look like a neutral eye with a purple/mauve caste. Perfect for me. As the gold colour (like Natural Flare) is not very pigmented, you can sweep it over the lid for a more glittery-golden night time look.  Both of these quads look great finished off with some black liquid liner.

Both of these quads were limited edition, but you can still find Natural Flare (someone just bought the last one on Ebay, so stay tuned!) and Eccentricity (USD $27 including shipping) onEbay.  Amazingly, you can still buy all six mineralised eyeshadows from the Colour Craft collection too.  I have to admit that I’m tempted.

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