MAC Tendertone – ‘Purring’

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MAC’s Tendertone in ‘Purring’ is one of the most pleasant-to-apply coloured lip balms around.  It has a great coral-pink tone, has an SPF of 12, comes in a sturdy jar, and smells of strawberries.  Best of all, it is actually moisturising!  You get the look of a gloss, but the feel of a balm.  It’s not as hydrating as my beloved Lanolips 101 ointment (click here to read my post), but you can’t beat the colour and the SPF factor of this balm, so I’m saving the Lanolips for night time, and my MAC Tendertone for daytime wear.

MAC Tendertone in ‘Purring’ is available from pricerock2005 on Ebay for USD $17 including shipping to Australia.

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2 Responses to MAC Tendertone – ‘Purring’

  1. MakeupLOVER says:

    The MAC Tendertones are very nice lip products. They are very thick. The color in the balm does not show up very well. It has an SPF of 12 which is very inportant for lip care. They have a Strawberry Kiwi smell which is really nice. MAC Tendertones are now discontinued which makes it hard to find perticular colors for cheap prices. I would recomend LO’REAL ‘HIP’ Jelly Balms as a cheaper alteritive. Overall Tendertones are an amazing product!

  2. Dempeaux says:

    That’s great information – thanks for that!

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