The Search for a New Vitamin C Serum Continues: PH Advantage High Potency Effective Vitamin C Serum

Ever since my beloved Remed Super C Serum was discontinued, I’ve been on the search for a new, just-as-effective, vitamin c serum.  If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of a vitamin c serum, let me summarise them for you:  they improve skin texture, stimulate collagen production, reduce hyperpigmentation and make your skin feel wonderfully soft.

The Remede was a great product because (unlike many vitamin c serums) it contained a high level of stable vitamin c (25%) and didn’t cause any flaking or cause your skin to have to  ‘adjust’ to the treatment.  PH Advantage is very similar to the Remede. It contains 25% stabilised vitamin c and is quite a soothing formulation.  It even smells and looks the same as the Remede. However, sadly, the effect is not as good as the Remede.

My skin is not as plump and healthy as when I was using Remede regularly, and as a result requires more maintenance in the form of exfoliants and masks.  It’s better than not using a vitamin c serum at all, but I was expecting much more dramatic results than this.  I am willing to give this product another chance though, and here’s why:  I bought this towards the end of Perth’s blisteringly hot summer.  Vitamin c needs to be kept as cool as possible, otherwise the vitamin c can lose its potency, so perhaps my bottle went off in the shop before I even made the purchase.  With a long, extremely hot summer, and this being the last bottle on the shop shelf, I’m willing to give this one more try.  I hope I’m not disappointed.

PH Advantage High Potency Effective Vitamin C Serum is available from Kit Cosmetics for AUD $120 (30mls), which is where I bought mine.

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4 Responses to The Search for a New Vitamin C Serum Continues: PH Advantage High Potency Effective Vitamin C Serum

  1. Grace London says:

    I was tempted by this one, but I’ll wait now until you try another bottle. I’ve used and loved Renee Rouleau vitamin C, and Skinceuticals CE Ferulic (but the Skinceuticals is hard to get hold of, and v expensive!)

  2. Laura says:

    I’ll let you know how I go with the Mario Badescu vit c serum! Not as potent as Remede but there seem to be plenty of good reviews!! 🙂

  3. Dempeaux says:

    Oh that’s great, thanks! I’ve been impressed with lots of other Mario Badescu products in the past, maybe this is another good ‘un 🙂

  4. Dempeaux says:

    I really hope the next bottle turns out to be a match for the Remede! In fairness to PH Advantage, it has been a scorching hot summer here (as usual) and vitamin c serums don’t exactly fly off the shelves in Perth. I’m very interested to try your other recommendations though – I’ve never heard of the Renee Rouleau, and I haven’t tried the Skinceuticals as yet. Thanks! 🙂

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