Chanel Blush in Tweed Rose

This blush is a new favourite of mine.  It doesn’t beat my all time favourite – Chanel’s Rose Bronze – but it is certainly an easy blush to wear that is difficult to mess up.

It is reasonably pigmented, but not so much that you can accidently place a brush-shaped splog on your cheeks.  However, I will say that you have to work to get sufficient product on your brush.  It’s not in the same league as ‘Well Dressed’ by MAC, but it’s towards that end of the spectrum.  Once you do get enough on, the colour is gorgeous (and one that I can reach for when I’m not sure what to wear).  The swatch of the blush on my hand is a very poor representation of the blush in real life, but it gives you an idea of the shade.  As the name suggests, this blush is a glorious rosey colour which would compliment a variety of different skintones.  There is a little shimmer associated with this product, but just enough to give you a healthy glow rather than the dreaded ‘glitter bomb’ effect.

The packaging is a little impractical too, as I never use the small brush, yet my fluffy brush always knocks the small brush out when I try to run it along the blush strip.  Despite this, I really like the colour and the staying power of this blush, so I’ll happily keep using it.  Tweed Rose is available from for AUD $55.50 including shipping.

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