MAC Pro Palette Eyeshadow Refills and Palettes Listed at!

Over 50 MAC Pro eyeshadow refills as well as the four- and fifteen-hole palettes have just been listed at!  The prices are very similar to MAC Pro store prices in the States, and are definitely cheaper than anything I’ve seen on Ebay.  I live in Australia, and have paid about USD$8 shipping for my orders in the past.  If you live in a place which doesn’t have access to MAC Pro Stores, this is an excellent opportunity to start a palette, or finish off one you alread have.  Be quick though.  In my experience, most of this stock sells out in the first two days.

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  2. says:

    Just to let you know, I have quite a few pro pan refills…I sell them for 10 US each and 2 shipping for one and additional.50 shipping for each one after that to the US and canada.
    Austrailia would be a bit more. I sell on Ebay and would be happy to provide you with my Ebay name so you can see my feedback as a seller
    You can contact me at above email address if interested

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