A Review of Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser and a Brief Word About Ultima II Full Moisture Cleansing Oil

LondonMakeupGirl has had me intrigued about Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser for some time, and I’m so glad to finally be able to try it.

I’ve been using Lancome’s Huile Eclat Deep Cleansing Oil for a while now because it’s very effective at removing makeup and the mineral oil content didn’t irritate my skin.  Unfortunately, Strawberrynet.com have stopped stocking it, and I live two hours’ drive away from a Lancome counter, so I had to find an alternative.

Without putting too much thought into it I purchased Ultima II Full Moisture Cleansing Oil from Strawberrynet.com.  I usually put a fair amount of research in before I purchase any product, but in this case I just trusted my luck.

Ultima II Full Moisture Cleansing Oil turned out to be mineral oil with a hint of rose scented water.  It broke out my skin, irritated my eyes, and felt like I was cleansing my face with petrol.

I needed an alternative, and I’ve been cultivating an interest in more natural products for some time now.  After my experience with such a harsh cleanser, it seemed natural to try and move to the other end of the spectrum.  I remembered reading about Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser on LondonMakeupGirl’s blog, so decided to give it a go.

My skin is much happier.  The cleanser contains Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, and Grapefruit Peel Oil.  That’s it.  It also has a gloriously rich citrus scent and feels beautiful to massage over the skin. I actually look forward to taking my makeup off at night!

This cleanser leaves my combination skin feeling thoroughly moisturised, and is the first cleanser I’ve ever used which doesn’t make me run to my moisturiser to restore my squeeky skin. As a result, I’ve been using my day moisturiser at night (as well as my usual Vitamin C serum) to avoid overloading my skin, and I’ve been very pleased indeed.  Each morning my skin is renewed, soft, and I’m pleased to report that this rich cleanser doesn’t break me out.  If you have oily skin, I think this would be too much for your skin, but for those with dry skin, I think this would be a God-send.

I use this in a similar manner to a cleansing oil:  I scoop out a small amount of the product from the jar (very handy for travel by the way) and rub it all over my face.  I then emulsify the product with some water, and remove with a warm cloth (I use Pai’s Muslin Face Cloth from BeingContent.com which also works as a mild exfoliant).

It’s so wonderful to find a product that does nice things for you and actually feels like it’s fortifying your skin.

The most curious thing about these two cleansers, is that the Ultima II, which irritated my eyes, doesn’t come with any sort of warning; whereas the Saaf cleanser which didn’t irritate my eyes at all, warns to ‘avoid the eye area’.  After years of wearing contact lenses (and then retreating to the safety of full time glasses-wearing) I have very sensitive eyes, yet this Saaf cleanser is incredibly gentle.

Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser is availble from BeingContent.com for £24.99 plus £15.00 shipping to Australia.  This means that this cleanser is not cheap for Australian girls. However, bear in mind that I paid AUD $25 for a cleanser that broke me out and irritated my eyes, so at this point in time I feel like my skin deserves a high quality cleanser, even if it is pricey. I’ve also been buying a few items from BeingContent.com, which lessens the shipping costs as the £15.00 appears to be a flat rate.

Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser is organic, vegan friendly, Hallal, alcohol free, and cruelty free.  For more information on these points, see their website.

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6 Responses to A Review of Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser and a Brief Word About Ultima II Full Moisture Cleansing Oil

  1. Thanks to you, I’ve tried this cleanser and I really loved it! I was a little nervous about trying it because I’ve never used a cleansing oil or anything like that, and I was afraid it would break me out because it seemed so rich. I was so wrong to be worried! I completely loved the way it removed my leftover makeup and left my skin feeling SO soft. I love. love the scent of this cleanser and all of the Saaf products from the sampler that I’ve tried so far! Great review, Sarah!

    Makeup doesn’t seem to be a huge area of interest to my readers, so if you’d ever want me to do any guest reviews for you of vegan products, I’d love to do it. If not that’s okay too, just a suggestion/offer! 🙂

  2. Dempeaux says:

    That’s great to hear Keri! It does look a little daunting at first because it’s so rich, but no breakouts! Yay! The smell is amazing too.

    I’d LOVE for you to do some guest posts Keri. I have many products that I’m keen to learn more about 🙂

  3. Grace London says:


    I’m so glad you like this; I really do think it’s an excellent cleanser. I find that the mineral oil based cleansers like Eve Lom and Shu Uemura really disagreed with my skin too.

  4. Dempeaux says:

    I’m really so happy to have found this cleanser, and I’m very happy to be able to throw my mineral oil cleansers in the bin! Thanks so much for doing a post on the Saaf cleanser in the first place!

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