Too Faced Brightening Blush in ‘Pinch My Petals’

In a season full of coral blushes, I felt the urge to purchase a blush that was not.  On a recent trip to Kit Cosmetics in Perth, I happened upon this new blush from Too Faced and thought I’d give it a try.  The description on the box states that it is a ‘Brightening Blush’ and suggests that you place this on “cheeks, forehead and chin for a perfectly pretty glow”.

I thought this might be a happy summer blush which possessed all sorts of glowy properties, but unfortunately this is not the case.  To me, this is a pinky-mauve blush which is lightly pigmented and requires many swipes to show up on my fair skin.  I would liken it to MAC’s ‘Well Dressed’ in terms of pigmentation, and once you get the desired amount onto your cheeks, I think the effect is quite nice, but not anything extraordinary.

I must confess that I am still perplexed by the ‘Brightening Blush” aspect of this product.  As you can see in the swatch on my fingers above, this product is not particularly shimmery, and I’m not sure why I would ever want to place blush on my forehead and chin as well as my cheeks.  Even if I did, I would certainly need more than one swipe to yield any sort of result on my complexion.

In short, this is quite a nice blush, but I think you could purchase NYX’s ‘Silky Rose’ or ‘Mauve’ blush for much the same effect. Also, as NYX blushes are highly pigmented, you would use much less of the product, and for around AUD $10 on Ebay, they’re a bargain.

I bought Too Faced Brightening Blush in ‘Pinch My Petals’ from Kit Cosmetics for AUD $35.95.

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