NARS The Multiples: Copacabana and Orgasm

In Australia, buying a Multiple from NARS represents a serious makeup investment.  Of course, they last for ages, but at AUD $89, they would want to.

I currently own the two seen in the pictures above:  Copacabana (highlighter) and Orgasm (blush).  I enjoy using both of them.  They are my natural choice when it’s a hot day outside and I’m not wearing any foundation.  They work very naturally with my skin, and give a very natural flush and highlight to my cheeks.

The idea behind the Multiples is that you can use them on eyes, cheeks, and lips.  I must admit that I haven’t used either of these on my eyes for fear of chronic creasing, and I have so many lip products that I haven’t felt the need to use them on my lips either.  I feel much more comfortable using these products on my cheeks, and I think they do their best work there.

The Orgasm Multiple is a great alternative for those who have always liked the colour of the traditional Orgasm blush, but objected to the amount of glitter particles in the formula. As you can see from the swatch above, there is still a hint of gold to the formulation (which, again, is very flattering in summer) but it gives a sheen to the cheeks, rather than sparkle.

The Copacabana Multiple is a very flattering, very natural, highlight.  It’s even more natural-looking than Albatross, and makes you look as if you were born glowy.  I apply to the top of the cheekbones, and under the brow, as I know that my combination skin will deliver the glow in other areas without the need of a highlighter.

I’m still a devotee of Chanel’s Poudre Universelle Libre, and I have no problem applying these two products over the top of my powdered face.  Moreover, I don’t find that either of these products disrupt the foundation underneath, mainly because they don’t need much blending and they almost feel like cream-to-powder products.

These are both natural-looking products, so if you’re used to wearing quite heavy blush or are heading out for the evening, you may want to layer another blush over the top of Orgasm (Milani ‘Luminous’ or Chanel ‘Reflex’ are good choices) to intensify the look.

Australian girls:  if you want to buy these products, rather than pay AUD $89, try  You can buy these and other Multiples for USD $38.00 plus a flat rate of USD $7.95 for shipping anywhere in the world.

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