Lush: ‘Up You Gets’ Emotibomb and ‘Business Time’ Massage Bar

'Business Time' Massage Bar

As my ‘Business Time’ Massage Bar arrived in the post as a melted yellow splodge, I thought it best to show you the stock image here.  I was very interested to see how this famously melty product would behave in the Australian heat, and whilst it arrived looking worse-for-wear, the product didn’t melt any further in my bedroom.

The smell of this massage bar is very pleasant to me:  a mix of rose, fennel, and lavender.  Be aware though that if, like me, you keep this in your room, your whole bedroom will shortly smell like rose, fennel, and lavender.

The moisturising qualities of this massage bar are excellent.  It is very similar to L’Occitane’s Ultra Rich Body Cream in the way it moisturises and absorbs into the skin.  The base ingredients of this massage bar are shea and cocoa butters, as well as almond and coconut oils, so no wonder my skin is healthy and glowy in the morning after using this.  The scent (unsurprisingly) lingers on my skin until I wash it off.

My ‘Business Time’ Massage Bar lasted about four applications, which makes it a reasonably expensive product to keep buying.  I intend to keep buying this one to break up my routine with other moisturisers, or to give my skin a boost when it’s feeling particularly dry.

‘Business Time ‘ Massage Bar is available from for $10.50 plus $9 shipping, and is vegan friendly.

'Up You Gets' Emotibombs

As one of the cheapest Lush products around, this product would make a great introduction to the brand.  The ‘Up You Gets’ Emotibomb is a bath bomb for your shower.  Simply place the Emotibomb on the shower floor, and it releases an invigorating Lime, Lemon, and Grapefruit scent to help you kickstart your day.

This product lasted about half way through an ‘it’s-hair-washing-day’ shower, but I really enjoyed using it.  I think I will keep these stockpiled for when I’m having a particularly sleepy morning and the coffee isn’t working.  You can also break them in half if you would like the experience to last through two showers instead of one.

‘Up You Gets’ Emotibomb is available from for $4.95 plus $9 shipping and is vegan friendly.

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