100% Pure Organic Nectarine Nourishing Body Cream

In a recent order from 100% Pure, I was sent some samples from their body cream range. After being enchanted by the heady smell of so many of their products, I thought the body creams would be a similar affair.

I opened the Organic Nectarine Nourishing Body Cream  and applied it on my hands and arms.  The nectarine smell seemed very synthetic to my nose (even though they have no articifical fragrances), and the cream itself was very thick and didn’t sink in.  After 30 minutes I was still leaving greasy splodges around my desk and on my books.  However, the most disappointing thing of all was that it was a very poor moisturiser.  After I made the decision to wipe off all the excess with a tissue, my skin was still more or less as this body cream had found it:  a little dry and in need of moisture.  As you can see by the photo above, I haven’t been game to try the rest in the range.

100% Pure Organic Nectarine Nourishing Body Cream is available from 100percentpure.com for USD $17.

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