Lunasol Skin Modelling Eyes Palette in Beige Beige

I thought it time that I widened my palette horizons, so I placed an order for a Lunasol Skin Modelling Eyes Palette in Beige Beige.  Lunasol is a luxury skincare and cosmetics brand from Japan, owned by Kanebo cosmetics. The Beige Beige palette is their top seller.

As had a very good offer at the time, I also placed an order for the matching lip palette for just a few dollars more than the eyeshadow.  This review will be primarily concerned with the eyeshadow palette as the lip palette is not very pigmented at all, and hardly bears talking about.  Suffice it to say that I find the lip colour thin and greasy with little colour payoff on the lips.

I was tempted to buy the eyeshadow palette because I read that these shadows resist creasing, and even oily-lided people like myself don’t need a base!  Unfortunately, without a base this eyshadow creased as merrily as every other I’ve applied over the years, so my vision of cutting down my ‘getting ready’ time in the morning was swiftly put aside.

The eyeshadows themselves are a straightforward beige affair, as the name implies. They are entirely work appropriate and constitute an easy weekend look. The shadows are not as pigmented as the shadows I’m used to in my collection, but they blend beautifully and are very flattering on the eye.  My only complaint is that I need a darker colour to work into the outer ‘v’ and under the lower lash line.  As I am so fair, I possess the eyes of an Englishwoman in a Renaissance portrait:  no eyelashes and no crease.  Add to that the fact that I wear glasses.  That means that the darker shadows in my collection, such as ‘Mulch’ and ‘Handwritten’ get quite a workout in my daily routine.  The Lunasol palette has beautiful colours that look pretty on the eye, but I have a need to add depth.  Lunasol suggest you apply the shadows thus:

I can think of a number to people that this look would be very beautiful on, but as for me, any dark colour will always go on the outer ‘v’ and lower lash line.

My favourite part of the shadows is the packaging:  it looks like a sleek cigarette holder. The shadows themselves are pretty (particularly the sparkly shadow in the top left, my photo doesn’t do it justice), but overall, this palette is  a little uninspiring.

I bought Lunasol Skin Modelling Eyes Palette in Beige Beige from for 6300 yen (AUD $73).  All the prices on their website include postage, and service is the best I’ve ever seen from any online cosmetics store.

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