MAC ‘Big Baby’ Plushglass and Smashbox ‘Smashing Opulent’ Lipstick

I ordered some MAC brushes from and I was sent this MAC Plushglass in ‘Big Baby’ as a gift.  It’s a peachy coloured lipgloss with a hint of pink and a pearlised effect on the lips.

At first I thought I this would be one of those products I pass straight on to someone else.  I do enjoy wearing peachy colours, but not all of them look that great on me.  It was a little sheer worn on its own.

The smell is of an articifical vanilla, and it has all the stickiness you would expect from a MAC lipgloss without the annoying gloopiness you can sometimes develop at the corners of your lips (I’m looking at you, Dazzleglass).  However, applied over Smashbox’s ‘Smashing Opulent’ it looks amazing, and I haven’t worn anything else on my lips since I discovered this combination.

The gloss adds great pearlised dimension to the lips, and it’s a strong colour without being too much of a ‘statement’.  Both products together create a glossy, peachy, pearlised look that lasts a few hours.  I’m sure you could use a variety of peachy lipsticks to wear under ‘Big Baby’, but Smashbox’s ‘Smashing Opulent’ with all it’s fantastic characteristics (read my original review here) is the one in my collection that I’m loving at the moment. The gloss does have a tingle to it;  however, the lip-plumping effect is minimal on me.  This is a great spring look, but I’m happy to wear a lip combination year round.

This gloss is a standard Plushglass size, which means it’s quite small, which makes it great for throwing into a handbag and quick to use up.

MAC ‘Big Baby’ Plushglass is available from *allura* for USD $8.95 (plus $4.25 shipping), and Smashbox’s ‘Smashing Opulent’ Lipstick is available from 530babyrex for USD $7.95 (plus $3.95 shipping).

Australian girls:  Smashbox has just launched at Kit Cosmetics.  You can check out the range here.

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