I Heart Sydney

I recently got back from a trip to Sydney.  I’d never been there before and absolutely love the city and can’t wait to get back and see more!

There are so many things I now want, including (but not limited to):

Prada 'Nappa Gaufre' Shopping Tote $2,200 in David Jones

Madison Floral Embroidered 'Maggie' $760 at Coach, Queen Victoria Building

Jets by Jessica Allen vintage-inspired bathers (J1361) $179 from David Jones

Jigsaw Wool Military Flared Coat $449 from Jigsaw

Many, many things from Barry M - available from the TGV Pharmacy on Pitt Street. All items are $11 each.

Sydney-siders really do have it made shopping-wise.  I really can’t wait to get back!

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