China Glaze For Audrey

I think the reason that many people purchase this polish is because it is the same colour as iconic Tiffany’s jewellery boxes – ‘Tiffany blue’. In reality, Tiffany’s blue is copyrighted, and this is as close as the good people at China Glaze are legally allowed to get. However, to my eye this is a very close match and very flattering on the nails indeed.

I normally favour quite deep, jewel-toned colours, but I’m starting to enjoy more unusual colours like ‘For Audrey’ too.  This is certainly a flat colour, but it’s definitely not boring.  When I first painted this on my nails I was impressed, but as soon as I put my diamond ring on my finger I understood why Tiffany’s chose this colour to encase their diamonds! For some reason it makes the Tiffany blue (or turquoise) and the diamonds look even better.

In terms of application, it’s not the easiest polish I’ve ever applied.  It is a touch on the streaky side and requires two coats for a bottle-colour finish (although a skilled manicurist could probably get away with one).  The brush allows you great accuaracy when applying the polish, and the manicure lasts for days on me without chipping.

I bought this online from beautyzone2007 on Ebay for USD $2.99 plus $4.50 shipping to Australia.

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