Sjal Cela Intuitif Light Cellular Renewal Creme

Sjal is a skincare line free of  petroleum jelly, mineral oil, sillicone, and caffeine, which professes to blend Western biotechnology with Eastern medicine.

I used my sample of the Sjal Cela Intuitif Light Cellular Renewal Creme for three days, each time only during the day and under makeup. This lightweight cream is said to fight photo-aging by promoting cellular renewal, even out skin tone, minimise pores, and reduce fine lines.

The first day I put this on it balled when I tried to put my primer over the top. In fairness to Sjal, this is probably my fault rather than the product, as the cream does exfoliate the skin.  On the second and third days, this didn’t happen, and it soaked into my skin quickly.

Sjal Cela Intuitif definitely made my skin softer after just a day of wear under my makeup , but it didn’t provide enough hydration under my eye area, which needed a separate, more intensive moisturiser.

It also did a great job of evening out skin tone and minimising pores.  I can’t say I noticed much of a difference to fine lines, but then, I only used the product for a few days.

It’s winter in Australia at the moment, meaning that I need a heavier moisturiser for the next few months, but with an eye cream thrown into the mix (and an SPF) Sjal Cela Intuitif would make a great summer moisturiser. Just beware the dreaded ‘balling effect’ on the first day you wear it with makeup.

At a fairly staggering £195 for 50 mls, I would like this product to give me even more spectacular results than it has done over the past three days.  It is a very good moisturiser, beautifully scented, but it’s not £195 worth of good.

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4 Responses to Sjal Cela Intuitif Light Cellular Renewal Creme

  1. Gosh 195 pounds!!! You would expect miracles!
    Where did you get the sample from?

  2. Dempeaux says:

    Lydia from was kind enough to send me a sample, but I notice that you can order samples from too 🙂 I’m really glad I’ve tried it, and it is good, but if I pay £195 for a moisturiser, I want it to be absolutely spectacular!

  3. Grace London says:

    Yes, when I tried a sample of it myself I thought it was nice but it didn’t wow me. It’s interesting to try though 🙂

  4. Dempeaux says:

    Definitely! Thanks for the sample!

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