Garnier 2 in 1 Waterproof Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Skin

We’ve been moving house, which means that I haven’t had time to order my beloved Saaf Cleanser from in England.  Faced with my local supermarket’s range of cleansers, I grabbed the Garnier 2 in 1 Waterproof Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Skin and hoped for the best.

I’m really surprised that this product is very effective indeed.  It won’t do anything to improve the state of your skin, but it does remove makeup effectively and quickly, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped.  All I do is shake up the bottle, apply some to a cotton pad, and wipe it all over my face. It takes off foundation, primer, and waterproof mascara.  It does, however, leave an oily film all over your face, so I like to follow up with my Cetaphil Cleanser to make sure my skin is balanced and clean.  If I didn’t I’m sure I’d discover that this makeup remover has great pore-clogging qualities too.

The list of ingredients doesn’t exactly inspire confidence – there seem to be a lot of chemicals in this makeup remover (but in fairness to Garnier it’s probably about the same as other makeup removers) so I think I’ll go back to my Saaf cleanser with all it’s makeup removing, natural, and moisturising properties when I can.

The product does not so much squirt as lollop out of the bottle, so make sure when you’re putting this on to a cotton pad you do it over a sink.

Also, the instructions say to shake the bottle before use, but I’m not sure how much blending of the two concoctions actually goes on.

Before shaking:

After shaking:

It doesn’t fully mix.

Oh well, it doesn’t seem to make much difference to the effectiveness of the product if I shake it or not.

This isn’t going to rejuvinate or moisturise your skin, but it’s a fantastic option if you are ever stuck at an airport and have forgotten your cleanser, or just want a really good supermarket makeup remover.

Garnier 2 in 1 Waterproof Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Skin is AUD $10.65 from Coles. Bargain.

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