MAC Shadestick ‘Penny’

MAC Shadestick in ‘Penny’ originally came out with the GoldfeverCollection of 2008 and was repromoted with the Sugarsweet Collection of 2009.  It is a stick eyeshadow that you apply straight from the tube to give a shimmery, peachy-coppery colour to the lid.

At first I thought I’d gaffed a bit with this purchase, as whilst it swatches a beautiful peachy-coppery colour on my hand, it seemed that the orange undertones were brought out when applied to my mid-winter pale lids.  Just as Amber Lights and Melon Pigment are a bit orange when applied on my lids alone, so is Penny Shadestick.

It doesn’t blend out particularly well with a 224 through the crease either. It’s no Ellis Faas in this respect (but then, what is?).

However, when I paired this eyeshadow with any warm colour, from MAC Cranberry, though Tempting, Mulch and Antiqued, it looked amazing, and turned back into a peachy-coppery eyeshadow. By applying this all over my lid (after warming it up on the back of my hand), through the crease, and under my eye, whatever shadow I decided to place through the crease, outer ‘v’, and lower lash line was given an extra lustre.

Here it is compared to some other shadows in my collection:

The staying-power of this shadow is very good (I had to scrub to get it off the back of my hand) and it’s a shadestick that is very easy to work with once it’s warmed up. In the morning I can just scribble it on the back of my hand, apply directly to both eyes, apply a crease colour, and go.

I bought my Shadestick in Penny from the Anabella Adorned Ebay store (great place for new and limited edition MAC), but unfortunately they’ve run out of stock.  You can still buy them on Ebay for around USD $25.95 from naomidrive and other reputable sellers.

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