Absolution ‘La Creme du Jour’ and ‘La Solution + Anti-Age’

Absolution skincare has everything going for it:  it’s organic, it’s got cute packaging, and it’s French.

The idea is that you mix the ‘Creme du Jour’ daily moisturiser with a drop or two of ‘La Solution’ to boost and create your own bespoke, anti-aging skincare.

The smell is very plant-like, which I quite like.  The cream itself is a fairly standard moisturiser consistency, but it takes a while to skin in to your skin.

With or without the ‘La Solution’ Booster, this moisturiser did nothing tangible for my skin. I think the results would be about the same had I used a moisturiser at a quarter of the price.

Absolution ‘Creme du Jour’ is £54.75 and ‘La Solution + Anti-Aging’ is £62.75 from BeingContent.com.

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