L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil EyeLiner in Brown

Eyeliner is an essential in my makeup routine.  I admire girls who can wear just one mid-toned shadow on their eyes with a coat of mascara.  Mine is the sort of eye I can apply quite a lot of products too, and I’ll look as though I’m sporting very little makeup at all.

I also have very oily eyelids that can even repell liquid eyeliner on hot days. Thus when I heard that L’Oreal had brought out a new highly pigmented, non-budging eye pencil, I thought I was the perfect candidate to try it out.

I like to use very deep brown instead of black pencil eyeliners as the colour is not quite as harsh as a black, and the brown colour brings out my blue eyes.

I love the intensity of this dark brown.  The pencil is creamy and very easy to apply; even creamier than my Urban Decay 24/7 pencils.  The L’ Oreal also beats the Urban Decay pencils for staying power hands down .  The L’Oreal pencil lasts as long as any liquid liner would on my eye, whereas my Urban Decay 24/7 pencils always fade by midday.  The best thing is that you can actually smudge out the L’Oreal pencil as much as you need to, and once it sets (after about three or four minutes) it will not budge all day.  I also find it is easier to sharpen the L’Oreal to a decent point, whereas my Urban Decay pencils are always blunt no matter how much I sharpen them.

Line after one swipe

I can see that I’m going to go through this eyeliner quite quickly, as the creamy formula means that the point wears down rapidly.  I bought mine from cosmeticshoppe101 on Ebay for USD$3.99 plus $3.00 shipping – a pretty stunning deal.  I’m very impressed that this very pigmented liner goes on with absolutely no tugging or pulling, is easy to sharpen, and lasts all day.  I’m already investigating other colours.

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