One of the Best Cleansers Around

350__3_l_p1012517816I’m rapidly becoming a big fan of Lancome.  Between their Secret de Vie  skincare line and their excellent Lancome Artliner, they certainly seem to be producing a lot of high quality products.  Lancome Huile Eclat Deep Cleansing Oil ($40 on and free shipping) is no exception to this rule.

This cleansing oil removes everything you put on your face that day:  from the thickest foundations to the most waterproof of mascaras.  Just a few pumps of this rubbed all over a dry face begins the dissolving process, then just add a little warm water to emulsify.  One of the best things about this products is that it just washes off, unlike other cleansing oils that end up wiped all over your freshly-washed towels.

I usually follow up with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser after using Huile Eclat, but I would do this after using any makeup remover or cleanser.  I would definitely buy this again.

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2 Responses to One of the Best Cleansers Around

  1. Kate says:

    Was that a thinly veiled remark about Ella Bache floral oil?

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, not digging the EB Floral Oil. The Huile Eclat rinses straight off at takes every last bit of makeup with it. I think I’ll use up my last bit of Floral Oil as a body cleanser.

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