Australis Duo in Rosy Bronze

I’ve been making a concerted effort to examine more Australian brands of late. It’s easy to lose track of Australian makeup amongst all the YSLs, Chanels, and Diors, so I want to see if there’s anything local that I’m missing.

Australis has always been a brand I’ve avoided. Everything I ever purchased from them as an undergraduate was appallingly bad, so I haven’t bought a product of theirs for at least ten years.

Shopping for an electric blanket in Target a few days ago, I noticed that the Australis Duos were on special: normally AUD $12.95, now $10. As I’m currently investigating bronzers, I thought this might be a good product to play around with.  I chose this one out of the three on offer because I thought I might be able to use it as a blush if the bronzer turned out to be a dud:

The options were Luminous Gold and Sunkissed Glimmer, but as both were bronzers paired with matte highlighters, I wasn’t really that taken with them. Rosey Bronze sounded a bit more promising.

I thought the brush in the compact was a nifty idea, until I used it. Completely useless. It just places the product in a ‘c’ shape on your cheek.

However, the product itself is not bad.  As you can see in the images below, the compact is divided into a blush and bronzer, even though the back of the box claims that the pink section is a matte highlighter too. I think it would be fairly unsuccessful for this purpose on me.

The product isn’t matte, and isn’t shimmery.  There are some very, very small particles of glitter on the blush side, but all you get is a slight luminosity on the face once it’s applied.

You can also see that whilst the bronzer is nicely pigmented, the blush is a bit harder to work with.  It took quite a few attempts dipping into the blush then swiping my hand to get the photo below. However the products work better when swirled together.

Both the blush and the bronzer are surprisingly finely milled; so much so, that I was able to apply both the bronzer and the blush to my cheeks with a 168 and buff them into my skin with a kabuki or my fingers.  It was actually very similar to the way I work with creme products.

What I also liked was the bronzer.  Once again I found the best brush to use with this was the 168, as it fitted into the bronzer side of the pan and allowed me to place the product exactly where I wanted it.  The colour was fantastic for my pale skin:  not orange, not muddy, not matte, and not shiny. As the blush doesn’t have much pigment, it took a while to apply the blusher to the apples of my cheeks. Once I got it on there, is was a flattering colour.

The only down side is that this bronzer didn’t last very long on my skin at all, even with a primer. Four hours wear is all I could get out of this, which is a shame because the effect is really flattering.

Australis Duo in Rosy Bronze is available from Target for $10.

Perhaps I’ll try their Jumbo Bronzers next:


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3 Responses to Australis Duo in Rosy Bronze

  1. Lidia says:

    I never tried Australis brand before. It’s really affordable. Maybe I should go check this brand out. Do you own any other product from this brand beside the bronzer that you can recommend?

  2. Dempeaux says:

    Sadly no. I really don’t buy that much from the Australian beauty industry (apart from Lanolips of course) as I find the quality’s just not there. However, I thought it was time I tried to be a bit more proactive and see if things have changed. Whilst I’m probably not going to buy any more from Australis, I think Face Australia looks more promising. The eyeshadows seem pigmented swatched on the back of my hand and the lipsticks seem very moisturising and pigmented too.

    Are there any Australian brands that you would recommend?

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