Maybelline Mineral Blush in Moonlight Mauve and Soft Mauve

I’ve had Maybelline’s Mineral Blush in Moonlight Mauve for some time, and it’s one of my favourite blushes.  Super pigmented (a light hand is essential), so finely milled that you can apply with a brush and do the final blending with your fingers, and imparts a healthy-looking glow. This blush also lasts all day.

I bought this blush on Ebay some time ago, and have always wondered whether the mauve Maybelline family of blushes I routinely walk past in Priceline are any relation to my blush. We all know that names of products (and even brands) can vary between countries, so I set out to find whether Soft Mauve and Moonlight Mauve are infact the same blush.

They are not, as you can probably already tell in the images above, but nevertheless I’m very happy to have another one of these blushes in my collection.

On the skin, Moonlight Mauve has a pinkish undertone and adds a  slight sheen to the cheeks which is barely discernable.  It’s incredibly natural looking:

Soft Mauve has a matte finish and is a rosier colour. You can see that there’s just a little more warmth and depth to this blush:

Can you tell the difference? Oh well, you get the general idea.

I think Moonlight Mauve is still my favourite, but not by much. I love the quality of both these blushes and may be tempted to buy more.

Moonlight Mauve can still be found on Ebay UK from a range of different sellers, including delladonut, for USD $6.32 plus $3.96 shipping.  I bought Soft Mauve from Priceline on special for AUD $14 (gah!) but you can also buy it from wheelspin! on Ebay for USD $3.00 plus $4.00 shipping.

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