Evolve Multi-Action Double Cream

I was so pleased with Evolve’s Radiance Boost Body Cream that I was dying to try this facial moisturiser too.  Evolve is an organic, natural, paraben free at a pricepoint that is suprisingly affordable. The packaging is made from recycled milk bottles too, which I love.

The name ‘double cream’ conjures up images of something you can eat, but it also implies that this is a very moisturising product.  I was surprised at how quickly this sinks into my skin when I apply it of a morning, and I was surprised that I actually found this a bit frustrating.  I do use primers, but I don’t want to use them every day, so moisturiser is the way to make sure your base goes on smoothly.  Evolve Multi-Action Double Cream disappears so quickly I’m left with nothing to ensure easy foundation application.

The smell is very ‘natural’ and makes me think that I’m actually rubbing almond milk into my skin, which I quite like. However, even when I use liberal amounts of this, I’m not convinced that Multi-Action Double Cream is moisturising enough for my winter skin.  I get some dryness on my cheeks by mid-afternoon.  To be honest, I think my Cetaphil moisturiser does a better job, is also paraben-free, and only cost AUD $8 for a tube from my local Priceline.

I purchased Evolve Multi-Action Double Cream from Asos.com for £9 plus £10.50 shipping to Australia.

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