Too Faced Glamour to Go II Pocket Palette

This is another purchase I made at Sephora recently. I just love palettes, and for $19.50 this portable offering from Too Faced was worth picking up. Overall, I like it, but not all the products in this little palette are created equal:

Top row of shadows: Great quality, apart from the matte pink which is chalky

Bottom row of shadows: First shadow is beautiful, second is pretty but a bit chalky and doesn't show up very well, third has glitter and okay pigmentation, and the yellow is chalky

On top of the issues with some of these shadows being chalky or glittery, I’m really not sure what the shimmery lilac and chalky yellow colours should be used for. Highlight? Perhaps if I lived in 1982.

I do enjoy the quality of most of these shadows, but I do wish there was an even darker shadow for contouring.

I love all of these glosses, even though they more or less look the same here

These glosses smell like white chocolate, which suprisingly I’m not adverse to. Clearly if you were to tote this around all day you would need to carry a lip brush or some hand sanitiser to use these glosses, but I think they are worth the trouble.  They are non-sticky and wear quite well. Even though the glosses look more or less the same here, they do look quite different from each other when applied to the lips. That nude colour is my favourite.

Blush (heavily swatched): I really like this colour. The effect is along the same lines as Smashbox's Soft Lights range. Very glowy.

This swatch makes the blush in this palette look very strong, but lightly applied to the cheek I find this very pretty. It also has decent lasting power (around 5 – 6 hours) and imparts a very flattering glow.

This palette is for someone who likes a minimal makeup look. Personally, I wish there were some darker eyeshadows for contouring as the shadows don’t seem to show up that well behind my specs. More consistency in the quality of the shadows would be good too. I do like that the shadows and glosses are kept separate via the little slide out draw, but you still run the risk of getting blush in your glosses as it sits alongside. I do like the glosses and blush and can see myself throwing this into my handbag for touch-ups during the day.

I bought the Too Faced Glamour to Go II Pocket Palette from Sephora for USD $19.50.  It is also available on Ebay from various sellers, including make-up-crazy for USD $22.30 plus $4.77 shipping to Australia.

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3 Responses to Too Faced Glamour to Go II Pocket Palette

  1. Kate says:

    I actually really like the pale shades in this palette, which I probably use most. I use them on my lid and incorporate my darker Chanel eyeshadow(s) for contouring to create that ‘Bambi’ look.

    I get a lot of use out of this product!

  2. Dempeaux says:

    I’m so glad! They do make good lid colours, and I think the blush colour is very flattering! 🙂

  3. Kate says:

    The blush *is* flattering – when it runs out, I think I’ll definitely replace it.

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