As this blog constitutes a guide to some great bargains (amongst other things), I thought I’d start off today by letting you know that Rock the Catwalk have their pro-MAC eyeshadow refills and pans back in stock! For those of you not lucky enough to live near a MAC pro store, or in the States, this is great news. It’s great news for me too, because Sable and Gleam are looking pretty lonely in their palette after their long journey to Australia.

You have gone to ebay in your hunt for refills that don’t cost an extortionate $25 each (incl. shipping), and probably considered going to the trouble of depotting traditional MAC shadows that are slightly cheaper. At Rock the Catwalk they’re a much more reasonable $10.95 each. Shipping varies depending on where you live, but to give you a rough guide I paid $15.95 for nine shadow refills to be sent to my address in Australia. Just compare this to the $50 (incl. shipping) I paid to an ebay seller to send two refills!

They are also selling MAC Pro Pan Refill Palettes, so if you’re needing somewhere to store your shadows, or your collection has grown quicker than you thought it would, perhaps a new palette might be in order.

I haven’t bought anything else from this site, but if you have please leave a comment below – I’d love to know how you found the experience and what products you chose.

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