Bon Voyage With La Prairie Skincare Review

Now that the moisturiser in my Bon Voyage With La Prairie (AUD $290) kit  is almost used up, I think it’s time for a review.  I’ve included links to each product on the La Prairie wesbite as it is so difficult and frustrating to navigate.  I’ve also included the cost of each product when bought separately and the amount you receive for that price.  This regime is for use day and night, so night cream is not included in this kit.

Foam Cleanser AUD $115 125ml – Most foam cleansers are too drying for my skin, and this one was no exception. Boasting makeup-removing properties, I would lather and apply this cleanser to see nearly all of my makeup staring back at me in the mirror a minute later. I tried using it after the makeup removal step but it was still too drying on my skin, which was disappointing considering the “all skin types” it is meant to suit. It also stung my eyes if it got anywhere near them.

Cellular Refining Lotion AUD $130 250 ml – I’ve never been a big believer in toners, and haven’t really used them apart from a brief encounter with the Chanel variety.  Applied to my face with a cotton pad this toner does soften my skin a little, but it also leaves it quite sticky. The stickiness disappears after a few hours, but it’s enough to annoy.  Like most toners these days, it does aid in the effectiveness of serums and moisturisers a little, drawing them down to the deeper layers of the skin.  The Cellular Refining Lotion also softens the skin when used in tandem with the Cellular Hydrating Serum and Cellular Time Release Moisturiser Intensive.

Cellular Hydrating Serum AUD $280 30ml and Cellular Time Release Moisturiser Intensive AUD $230 30ml – I will talk about these two together, as I didn’t use them separately and so can only tenstify to their joint results. I can say that only a tiny amount of the  Hydrating Serum and moisturiser is needed, and the amount of hydration they provide doesn’t seem to vary according to how much you apply – I think you only need a thin layer of product to be in contact with your skin. It was hard for me to get out of the habit of slapping on thick moisturiser, so the moisturiser went down a little more quickly at the beginning than the other products.

The combination of the serum and moisturiser reminded me of Chanel’s pairing of Hydramax + Active serum and moisturiser, without the skin softening and smoothing effects of the La Prairie.  Both products have the same moisturising properties and same rate of usage in the jar.  I was really impressed with the effect of the La Prairie Hydrating Serum and Cellular Time Release Moisturiser in terms of softening and refining my skin, and my skin remained almost entirely spot-free whilst using this combination.  Dropping the toner for a few days at different points in the regime didn’t affect these results either. However, there is some stickiness associated with using these products too.  They are not as sticky on the face as the toner, but like the toner the effect will disappear after a few hours.

Cellular Eye Contour Cream AUD $175 15ml – This eye cream hydrates almost as intensely as my Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream but with a thinner texture. However, when I used this at night I wake up with some undesirable cross-hatching down either side of my undereyes which my Shiseido doesn’t produce.  I think this is a simple case of needing more moisture under the eye at night.

Midnight Rain Eau de Parfum AUD $275 50ml (the kit contains a sample of this fragrance) – I’m no expert on describing notes in fragrances, but I like this perfume.  The opening is a bit fruity for my tastes, but in 10 minutes a delightful musk and amber has taken over, and the fruit retreats to the background.  My list of desired perfumes is long and my purchasing infrequent, so whilst I would love to have this perfume in my collection, it may be a long time before I commit to the full bottle.

This kit reminds me of luxury skincare from the early- to mid-1990’s.  The smell of all the products is somewhere between pressed powder and cheap moisturiser. No instructions for the correct usage of each product is written on the back of the items, so instead you need to consult their world-map-sized multi-lingual product guide to work out how to use everything. If you want more information on a product, the website plagues you with an information bar that rolls up and down and will, and an ineffectual search option.

Moreover, this set is described as a “10 piece kit” which I think it very cheeky, as four of the “pieces” are empty jars. For what? What are you meant to fill them with? Do people actually fill tiny jars when they go on holiday? Perhaps there is a beauty ritual when travelling that I’m not privy to.  I do think the bag it comes with would be very handy for travel, irrespective of what products you choose to fill it with.

This kit was not hydrating enough for my needs. Although my skin has been clear, soft, and the texture refined, I can feel that beyond the surface layer my skin is crying out for moisture. When using this regime I have to boost my skin with hydrating masks more frequently than usual.  I recommend the Cellular Hydrating Serum, Cellular Time Release Moisturiser Intensive, and Cellular Eye Contour Cream to someone who has normal to slightly dry skin and a healthy bank account.

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2 Responses to Bon Voyage With La Prairie Skincare Review

  1. Dee says:

    What on earth are the empty jars for? That’s so weird.

    Interesting review, nice to hear how the other half of the cosmetics counter performs! 😀

  2. Dempeaux says:

    Thanks Dee! I found it really interesting to play around with some La Prairie products. As the old adage goes, “knowledge is power” 🙂

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