My Favourite MAC Shadows

After seeing Modesty Brown’s post on her favourite MAC eyeshadows, I decided to go ahead and do a post on my favourite MAC shadows too.

Here they are:

Any regular readers of this blog will know that I favour dark eyeshadows for three reasons: I wear glasses, I have no natural definition around my eyes whatsoever, and I love a smokey eye.  When I reach for my MAC palette I know that any of these colours will work for me.

Bronze (frost): A beautiful bronze eyeshadow that has a great formula and is my version of a lid colour.

Mulch (velvet): Great for adding definition to the crease.

Antiqued (veluxe pearl): I love how blue this makes my eyes look.  Very flattering. I particularly like applying Antiqued all over the lid, then adding definition with Mulch or Handwritten.

Tempting (lustre): This is my version of gold eyeshadow, as true golds just look yellow on me.

Handwritten (matte 2): Easy to work with formula and fantastic for adding defintion to the crease.

Sable (Frost): Another lid colour for me. I love the plum/mauve undertones.

However, in every MAC palette are the colours that don’t work. These are mine:

Here is the first row swatched:

Honey Lust (lustre): This shadow is very glittery and has poor pigmentation. You really need to pack on the colour to get anywhere with this shadow, which leads to a lot of fallout.

Woodwinked (veluxe pearl): Whilst this colour looks quite easy to wear in the picture above, it looks yellow when applied to my eyelid. Every time.

Satin Taupe (frost): I have tried many, many times to use this shadow, but it’s just not flattering on me at all. The best combination I’ve found is with Victoria’s Secret ‘Private Beach’, but most of the time it does nothing for me. I find this very strange as I have a taupe eyeshadow from Ellis Faas that works very well.

Carbon (matte): You can see from the swatch above how chalky and difficult to work with this shadow is. I’m not sure why it is so popular.

Naked Lunch (frost): Too light for a lid colour; too peachy as a brow highlight.

All That Glitters (veluxe pearl): This is a bit of a nothing colour when it is applied to my lid. The formula is great, but the colour is quite bland.

Gleam (lustre): I find this shadow chalky, and the pigmentation is not great. Also, prepare for fallout if you wear this one.

Amber Lights (frost): Looks amazing in the pan, but looks orange on my lids. I can *just* get away with it if I put Bronze over the top of it, which is how I’ll probably use it up.

Mythology (lustre): This shadow is packed with glitter that will end up all over the cheeks. I also find it quite chalky, and the colour isn’t dark enough to use as a lid colour on me.

So there you have it.

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13 Responses to My Favourite MAC Shadows

  1. Jade says:

    Handwritten looks like something I may want to add to my collection, thanks for the swatches 😀

  2. Dempeaux says:

    It’s one of my staples. Matte, but easy to work with, and so much more flattering than a black on me 🙂 It seems to go with pretty much anything too. Thanks Jade!

  3. GlossQueen says:

    Great post! I need handwritten and sable.
    I’ve always wanted to try naked lunch and sable, I don’t think I’ll bother now.

  4. Stacey says:

    LOL I like so many of your hated eyeshadows! But it takes all types, doesn’t it? 😉

  5. Dempeaux says:

    @GlossQueen Handwritten and Sable are lovely, but Naked Lunch sits unloved in my palette!

    @Stacey Haha! I assumed I would be in the minority! I’m sure there will be people who disagree with me, but like you say, it takes all types 😀

  6. Jen W says:

    your favourite shadows are pretty much the same as my favourites when I wear my glasses. Browns and bronzes seem to look good behind specs for some reason…

    and I totally agree with your dislikes, Gleam, naked lunch, and all that glitters is very underwhelming on my lids too.

  7. Dempeaux says:

    @Jen That’s great! If I ever go back to contacts (which is unlikely) I may have to adjust my favourites, but these MAC shadows work beautifully at the moment! 🙂

  8. Great post and thank you for the mention. I think these kinds of posts are great purely because it takes all sorts. I get on very well with Satin Taupe but it isn’t the first time I’ve heard people say that they don’t get on with it. I think these kind of posts are the perfect antidote to the must have lists. It’s so personal what will suit.

    As an aside, I really want to get Handwritten now. I have considered it before but it looks very appealing in your swatches. Thanks for sharing,
    Jane x

  9. Claire says:

    I really love those gold/bronze colors. Gleam and Mythology are so pretty.

  10. Dee says:

    I love checking out people’s favourites of things! I don’t have a huge number of MAC eyeshadows – only about 8 or 9 – as I don’t find them as super fantastic as everyone says, and I HATE the price of them here. Mulch and Sable have been on my wishlist forever, but I’m sure I have other similar colours already.

    I do have Woodwinked and Mythology and I love both of them for a quick all over colour when you can’t be bothered blending and messing about. I know what you mean about the glittery fall out from Mythology though.

    Now I’m going to go and look at Modesty Brown’s favourites. New blog FTW! 🙂

  11. Dempeaux says:

    @Jane I agree! I find it really interesting to see what people really like to wear on a day-to-day basis. Incidently, when I was swatching Handwritten for this post it struck me how much of a ‘Jane’ colour it is! I think it would go with a lot of colours you already have, and although it is matte, it’s a great formula.

  12. Dempeaux says:

    @Claire I think Gleam and Mythoology look pretty too, but unfortunately they don’t do much for me when they’re on my lid! 🙁

  13. Dempeaux says:

    @Dee I agree – I think there are other shadows out there that are better (Le Metier de Beaute for a start), but MAC shadows are a good staple for me to have in my collection. Yes, the price is HUGE here. I ordered most of these from to keep the price down. You should check out Mulch and Sable next time you’re near a MAC counter – let me know what you think!

    I think Woodwinked would look amazing on your skintone; I don’t think you’d get the ‘yellow lids’ that I get. Mythology does my head in though – so much glitter!

    Haha! Loved your final comment Dee. Modesty Brown has a great blog!

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