Milani Liquif’eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil in Black

Another product that I picked up on my last trip to the States was Milani Liquif’eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil in black.  It cost me USD $5.49 in Walgreens, and is similar in performance and consistency to the L’Oreal  Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner that I already own.

You can see from the photo above that one swipe is all you need for a seriously black line.  It is a remarkably smooth product which glides on easily.   However, although this Milani eyeliner is a very pigmented product, its staying-power is not good, and by midday I find myself having to mop up stray eyeliner from under my eye.

Moreover, whilst this eyeliner is very black when applied, when blended it takes on a strange blue-green undertone:

It is only mildly apparent here, but the effects are even more apparent on the eye lid.

As an inexpensive liner, I think this is a good option, but there are definitely better pencil liners out there.

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6 Responses to Milani Liquif’eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil in Black

  1. Eugh eyeliner seepage is the worst!!
    Haven’t heard of the milani brand before though – is it a US brand?

  2. Dempeaux says:

    Oh it’s terrible. I hate looking like a sad mime by midday!
    Yes, Milani is a US brand. There was quite a bit of hype around these pencils when they first launched (I think Temptalia gave them an A+) so I had to give them a try. Sadly they didn’t work out for me.

  3. Olivia says:

    I have this one in brown. When I bought it I thought it would have shimmer or glimmer like metal but I am thinking it has to do with the texture instead which is nice. I admit though I don’t reach for this one and reach more for UD Whiskey.

  4. Dempeaux says:

    That’s right! Instead of any ‘metallic’ payoff, this eyeliner seems to be more about the texture. Well said! 🙂

  5. Emily says:

    Hello! Just checking out your blog from your Beauty Lounge forum profile.

    I actually really wanted to try their turquoise eyeliner, how disappointing that this one didn’t work out for you!

  6. Dempeaux says:

    Thanks for stopping by! The turquoise on looks beautiful – such a shame the formula didn’t work out for me!

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