Ellis Faas and their Packaging

Anyone who has ever used Ellis Faas products has probably fallen in love with the outstanding texture and quality of their products, but wrangled more than once with the dispensing of that product from those silver click pens.

Perhaps Ellis Faas is listening. I woke up to an email this morning indicating that they are now selling their Skin Veil Foundation in a good old-fashioned pump bottle, as well as a pen.  I’ve never tried this foundation, but it’s described as being a liquid formula “that provides the ideal amount of coverage and illuminates skin without looking or feeling mask-like”. It also contains moisturising ingredients and SPF 15.  If it’s produced by Ellis Faas, I’m willing to bet that this is a product worth getting a sample of.

Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation is available from their wesbite for USD $90, but no doubt will be available in Mecca Cosmetics soon.

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8 Responses to Ellis Faas and their Packaging

  1. GlossQueen says:

    About time! I like the Ellis Faas products that I’ve tried but hate the packaging. In fact I hate the packaging so much that I threw out the concealer. Hopefully she will change the packaging on the rest of her products soon too.

  2. Dempeaux says:

    I hope so too! I think her sales would increased significantly if the packaging was more user friendly!

  3. I got this email too and wondered if more changes could be afoot. I do get frustrated trying to dispense from my Creamy Eyes pen but I have some more EF products from an Ebay bundle a won, so I’ll be interested to see if they cause me the same frustration! This foundation does sound very interesting and I am much more likely to try it in bottle form than pen form.
    Jane x

  4. Dempeaux says:

    I agree Jane – I think this might signal a shift in packagin in Ellis Faas, and not before time!

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  6. ellis faas says:

    ellis is listening:-) and feeling and working really hard to make the pens be an item that you will prefer over traditional packaging…stay with us!

  7. Dempeaux says:

    @ Ellis This is wonderful news! I’m really looking forward to the changes in packaging that are coming up! Thankyou! 🙂

  8. GlossQueen says:

    That’s great news Ellis! I love the idea of the pen packaging so it would be great if it was improved.

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