Ardell Lash Applicator

Last year I went to a wedding and had my makeup done by a makeup artist. When it came to the false lashes of the day, she whipped out a false lash applicator and said that they make applying faslse lashes infinitely easier.

Recently I saw an Ardell Lash Applicator on Ebay and thought I ‘d give it a try. To my eye, it just looked like moulded plastic. And you know what? It is!  I still find my method of placing false lashes on my lash line with my fingers much easier than using this. It also bends the lashes at right angles if you’re not careful with it.

My advice? Just use your fingers.

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  1. Maybe it’s easier for her since she’s putting it on somebody else? Some people don’t like having a stranger’s fingers poking at their eyes, haha. But for self use, I think using my own fingers would definitely be easier. The applicator looks chunky and clumsy!

  2. I’m a big fan of false lashes so this post is really interesting! Just use fingers then? Right oh!

  3. Dempeaux says:

    @Celeste You’re right, it might be easier for her putting them on a client. For some reason I thought it would make application quicker, but I think that with or without the applicator there’s always some ‘adjustment’. Definitely prefer fingers for self-application 🙂

  4. Dempeaux says:

    @StyleOnTheCouch Haha! No problem! 🙂

  5. Celina says:

    Oh wow, that’s a unique little device, but like you I prefer using my fingers or sometimes I rely on tweezers 🙂

  6. Dempeaux says:

    @Celina Me too! 🙂

  7. Ha ha! I love this review. There’s no messing around here, this is definitely one to skip! 😀

  8. Dempeaux says:

    @ModestyBrown Yup! 😉

  9. Jeanie says:


    I bought a set from Sephora a while back and it had one of these useless things in it. It was a mess to use! Thank goodness, I dropped it and Josie found it and chewed it up! lol
    It made a better chew toy x jeanie

  10. Dempeaux says:

    @Jeanie Hahaha! That made me laugh 🙂

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