Lorac Croc Palette: Believe the Hype

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I love this palette.

The colours are wearable day or night, are highly pigmented, and stay put until you wash your face at night.  The ‘garnet’ colour is particularly good for emphasising green or blue eyes, and ‘suede’ is great for adding depth in the crease.  The unexpected surprise in this palette is the blush ‘soul’.  As a burnished rose colour, many will class this as a winter blush, but personally, I think this blush is so natural looking that I could use it year-round.  The finely-milled texture of this Lorac blush comes a close second to the melty texture of Chanel’s  ‘Joues Contraste’, and defintely blends into the skin better than a MAC or NARS blush.  Apply with a light hand though, as this is highly pigmented.

The packaging of this palette is gorgeous too.  It comes with a mirror, but strangely no brushes, so you can’t really apply it when you’re out unless you bring a brush set along too.

Unfortunately Lorac is not sold in Australia yet, and there aren’t any good deals on this palette on ebay at the moment, so keep checking.  I bought mine from ‘seanala‘, but she seems to have run out of Lorac for now. Perhaps she’s waiting for her next order?  Anyway, check ebay after Christmas, you might pick up a bargain.

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