Ellis Faas Skin Veil in S102 and Concealer in S202

I don’t switch foundations very often. I’m very happy to try out samples as they come my way, but I find that choosing foundation is at the labour-intensive end of makeup buying. Which finish? Is it the right colour? Does it last? Is it streaky? Does it provide enough coverage? I try samples often, but I rarely buy.  It’s always a lot of work, and therefore not that much fun.

I also like a reasonable amount of coverage, so whilst I ardently wish that I could wear a tinted moisturiser or light coverage foundation, I have enough hyperpigmentation to warrant a fairly opaque foundation.

I was recently sent some Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation to try, both in the ‘click pen’ and the newer pump bottle.  I also received the Ellis Faas Concealer. I am absolutely obsessed with both.  This is an absolutely perfect base for me, and I might venture to say, my favourite foundation and concealer ever.  Both the foundation and the concealer blend seamlessly into my skin, and even though they are both such a thin layer, they cover enough of my flaws to give me a ‘my skin but better’ look.

The finish is dewy without being greasy.  I tried the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua not long ago, and found didn’t cover very much at all and left me looking very greasy.  My first thought on trying the Ellis Faas Skin Veil and concealer was that I looked like I’d been eating a really healthy diet for weeks and weeks! I just radiated good health.  It also doesn’t wear off during the day.  Once applied, the concealer and foundation stay put, which is not always the case with light, luminous foundations.  I no longer have to powder to set my foundation – the finish stays consistent all day.

The foundation pen is wider than the typical Ellis Faas pens and comes with two cartridges of foundation.   My colour is S102 (the second lightest):

The brush is wide, soft, and resistant enough to spread the foundation very well without streaking:

To put the foundation into the pen, just unscrew the cap…

…place in the pen and screw in…

…and you’re ready to go. You’ll notice that instead of the usual twisting action that Ellis Faas pens require, this pen requires a click of the button to dispense the product.  I really like the delivery system here, because when you click the pen, the product reaches the brush almost instantly.  If you need more foundation, click again, and once again the foundation is ready and waiting in your brush.

Ellis Faas have recently released their foundation in an elegant pump bottle too. In all honesty, I would be happy to use either the pen or the bottle.  Both are very easy to use and dispense just the amount of product you require:

Now onto the foundation itself.

Gentle reader, I did have some barefaced pictures to show you exactly how this foundation changes my skin, but I have decided that the world is not ready for my naked face.  When you see the hyperpigmentation on my cheek, you’ll understand why:

*shakes fist at Australian sun*

This is why tinted moisturisers and light foundations don’t work for me.  I need a foundation that covers most of what you see here, but feels light on my skin.  And I think I’ve found it in Ellis Faas Skin Veil:

You’ll notice that most, not all, of the hyperpigmentation is covered, which is a result I’m very comfortable with.  I don’t desire a full coverage foundation, but I do want a foundation that’s going to make me look ‘delightfully freckled’ rather than ‘hideously spotty’.

I can improve the effect still further by adding a little Ellis Faas Concealer to my cheeks (and leaving the rest of my face as is):

Which brings me neatly to the Ellis Faas Concealer pen ( I have it in S202).  Like the foundation, this is an outstanding product. It does come in the standard ‘click pen’ packaging, but for someone like me who uses the same concealer every day, I have no problem dispensing the product.  However, if you like to switch your concealers around, it might take a bit of twisting to get the product to the brush again.  I have been told that Ellis Faas are in the process of improving the mechanism in their pens so that the way product is dispensed can be better controlled, so concealer-changers, stay tuned!

Here is my eye area without foundation or concealer:

…and here it is with undereye concealer and the Ellis Faas Skin Veil everywhere else:

Like the Skin Veil Foundation, the concealer hides flaws, but gives life and light to the skin.  For something so light it gives excellent coverage, and can be used on the face (as demonstrated above) and on the undereye area. I find that it doesn’t crease at all during the day, and looks just as perfect in the evening as it did in the morning when I applied it.  I also like the fact that they have eight different concealer shades, as opposed to the two or three you get from other companies.  It makes sense to me that if I have S102 in the Skin Veil Foundation, I have S202 in the Concealer.  It blends easily and is an exact match for my skin.  I’m also prone to dryness under my eyes, but this keep my undereye area hydrated without being too creamy or prone to creasing.

I also love the way other makeup performs over the top of this foundation.  Cream and powder products work equally well:

You can see that a few spots here and there are still visible, but I don’t mind that.  I am utterly enamoured with this foundation and actually look forward to applying it every day.  Together with the concealer, it gives me the perfect ‘my skin but better’ healthy glow. I’m very happy.  I LOVE this base, and can’t see myself using anything else.  I highly recommend getting a sample of these products and trying them out for yourself.  The good news for fair girls is that I use the second lightest shade – there’s a lighter shade even than me.

Ellis Faas Skin Veil is available from the Ellis Faas website for USD $65 for the pen with two cartridges, and USD $90 for the pump bottle.  The Ellis Faas Concealer is available for USD $40.  The Ellis Faas Skin Veil is only available in pen form from Mecca for AUD $90 and AUD $58 for the concealer.

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18 Responses to Ellis Faas Skin Veil in S102 and Concealer in S202

  1. Jade says:

    The concealer looks great, might have to consider it when I run out of my LM and By Terry 🙂 (oh and I’m a freckly gal too hehe)

  2. Dempeaux says:

    @Jade It’s a great product. If I’m very pushed for time I can apply this in a thin layer on my ‘worst areas’ and head out the door. Yay for freckled gals! High five! 😀

  3. Stacey says:

    Very freckly girl here too 🙂 These look great!

  4. Dempeaux says:

    @Stacy Yay! I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone 🙂 Damn Australian sun!

  5. Bug says:

    That looks lovely on you! I wore my Ellis Faas stuff for the first time in ages today and I forgot how nice it feels on the skin. I just wish the colour selection was better because I always need to use a yellow colour corrector to correct the tone.

  6. Jen W says:

    I love the finish from this foundation. it looks so natural and glowy on you but provides good coverage.

    Really should go and trial Ellis Faas products next time I’m in the city. I hear so many great things about it but have never really tried anything 🙁

  7. Stacie Gray says:

    I’ve actually never heard of this brand before but it looks fabulous. The click pen is interesting and the concept of replacements is also new to me. I think having less wastage is important but it looks a little messy.

    You have such a beautiful complexion, thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. Dempeaux says:

    @Bug I love the feel of it too! Shame about the colour correction.

  9. Dempeaux says:

    @Jen Highly recommend it! Definitely worth getting a sample 🙂

  10. Dempeaux says:

    @Stacie It’s a surprisingly ‘clean’ process putting the cartridge in, but I haven’t tried replacing them let, so I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  11. I like the idea of a skin “veil” but I fear it is not enough coverage for me. The concealer looks good though, from the photos here. I’m wedded to my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer though, you’ll have to show me something super fabulous to make me break with that. You can see the glow here though which is nice. Suits your skin!


  12. Dempeaux says:

    @StyleOnTheCouch I can completely relate to what you’re saying (for obvious reasons – just check the spotty picture again 😉 and I usually wear ‘tv presenter’ foundation myself, but I feel like this gives more ‘life’ to my skin, despite the odd spot showing through. I’ve never actually got ’round to trying the BB concealer – I must try it! 🙂

  13. Wow, how amazing is that! I agree that choosing and buying the right foundation is awful and I put it off a lot. This looks like the perfect coverage though, I like fresh looking skin but too often luminous foundations stray in to greasy territory. I love how it looks on your skin. I am immediately going to search out samples as I think this is exactly what I’m looking for. Great news about the redesign of the click pen too.
    Thanks for the great post,
    Jane x

  14. Dempeaux says:

    @ModestyBrown I recommend getting a sample of this one. I’m still really enjoying this foundation, and on me the finish doesn’t shift much (or at all) during the course of the day. Try S103 for your skintone x

  15. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    You look fabulous!! I’ve been wanting to try this & you have finally convinced me! We are probally in the same skin tone range? My skin tends to be light with some light freckling. thanks!!!

  16. Marina says:

    I am relatively new here and I love browsing through your posts 🙂

    I have one question, shade related. I can see that your skin has neutral/yellow undertones (definitely not pink) and is light. I can never wear NWs in MAC, and usually their NCs are very very yellow. I do find that Chanel’s B- shades (usually 10 and 20) match me well, as well as Becca’s Cashmere and NARS Deauville-Gobi (neutral-yellow). Now I do know that it’s not as simple as pink vs yellow, but I found that Ellis Faas 102 was way too pink. However, when I look at your pictures, it looks very natural and I am puzzled. I found that 101 had the correct undertone for me, but I would prefer it a wee bit darker, but not as dark as the next yellow shade on offer (104, as a lovely lady from the Ellis Faas customer service informed me).
    So I guess my question is, do you find that 102 runs pink or it’s just me? 🙂

  17. Dempeaux says:

    @Marina Good question! To be honest, I’ve always found the 102 to be a touch yellow, but I suppose our own skin undertones can do funny things to the product colours? So odd!

  18. Dempeaux says:

    @LittleMissSunshine That’s great!! Hope you love it!

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