Vitamin C Serums won’t Change Your Life, but They Will Change Your Skin

I actually can’t believe how using Vitamin C has changed my skin.  I guess in a girl’s cosmetic life all these products come around on the carousel at least once, and you give them a try, and you either like or don’t like them.  In the case of using Vitamin C, I now find this as indispensible as cleansing or using a mask.

I’ve been beginning to worry about wrinkles (in particular, one really deep one that has deepened between my eyebrows), the texture of my skin,  sunspots, and redness, as many people do in their early thirties.  I thought I’d give Remede Super C Serum (25% Vitamin C)  a go, as I’m experimenting a lot with skincare at the moment.


I put this stuff on after I’d cleansed but before my moisturiser, then went to bed.  In the morning – woah!  That wrinkle was actually a little diminished and my skin was plumped!  After a week, I found that my wrinkles had continued to disappear, the texture of my skin had improved hugely, redness had decreased, and it’d even started work on the cyctic acne that always plagues my cheeks – so those little bumps are going down.  As for the fading of sunspots, I haven’t noticed anything yet, so we’ll see.

Now, unfortunately, Remede has discontinued this brilliant product, and have instead brought out their Intensive Double Serum which, according to the write-up, combines their Super C Serum and Oxygentating Booster:


I have yet to try this product, and I must admit some scepticism when I read that there is only 10% Vitamin C in this products as opposed to 25% in the Super C Serum. So, whilst I may try this in the future, for now my Vitamin C shortlist comprises of:

Jane Marini C-Esta Serum

SkinCeuticals C + AHA

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Massage Cream

NARS Brightening Serum

I hope they work as well as Remede!

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