Top Burt’s Bees Recommendations

Burt’s Bees maintains a focus on 100% natural products and environmentally sensitive packaging, which are both admirable and noble ideals.  In terms of the quality of their products, I find that they (like Benefit, Urban Decay, and a range of others) are a bit hit and miss.  However, these are the products I have found to be the most effective and worth your money:


Naturally Ageless Intensive Reparing Serum – This is a fantastic serum to use as a boost for dehyrated skin, in place of an eye cream, or on the back of your hands.  The oil soaks straight into skin and ironically doesn’t leave an oily residue.  You may find using it under moisturiser during the day leaves you a bit shiny though, unless you have extremely dry skin.  Otherwise, this is a brilliant product for use as serum (I would use it at night) or a pick-me-up for dry skin.

32299-00_lNaturally Ageless Skin Firming Night Cream – This is a rich night cream.  Great for use in winter and helps to combat dry, flakey skin.


Naturally Ageless Line Diminishing Day Lotion – This lotion and the aforementioned night cream seem an odd pairing to me, as the night cream is quite rich and the Line Diminishing Day Lotion is quite light. This would be a great products for someone with oily skin or someone looking for light hydration during the day.


Beeswax Moisturizing Day Creme – A more nourishing cream than the lotion (obviously) but one that has a great consistency and absorbs easily into the skin.


Beeswax Moisturizing Night Creme – The main difference between this and the Naturally Ageless Night Creme is that the Naturally Ageless claims to have anitoxidants (and hence anti-aging properties) and the Beeswax Moisturizing Creme does not.  To me, this is a slightly richer, thicker cream than the Naturally Ageless, but absorbs well.

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