A ‘Super’ Facial – Dr Perricone at Kit Cosmetics

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to Kit Cosmetics to have a 15 minute facial.  The facial was an opportunity to try out the new ‘Super’ range from Dr Perricone, and whilst the facial was free for me, it is also free for anyone who would like to try out the new range. The offer extends right through to the 26th July.

I was in Perth to have a meeting with my supervisor about my latest PhD chapter, and I arranged for myself and my partner’s mum to have a quick ‘Super’ facial at 3pm. By the time I left my meeting and negotiated my way through quite heavy traffic, I found myself runnning 15 minutes late.  However,  as I fell through the Kit Cosmetics door I found that the delightful staff had already started my partner’s mum’s facial and were utterly delightful about my tardiness.

Sashelle, the sales assistant who performed the facial, was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable  when it came to the new Dr Perricone range. It is free of parabens, silicones, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances, which I really like.  Sashelle enquired about my current skin care regime, skin type, and then set to work applying the products she felt I needed most.

Firstly, she applied the Sweet Clean Face and Eye Cleanser (containing Acai) which was wonderfully gentle to my skin and removed makeup (foundation only) without stripping it. I really enjoy the non-synthetic berry smell too.

Sashelle then applied the 3-Minute Facial Intensive Treatment, which she warned may leave my skin a little red, as it was designed to stimulate the skin and open up blood vessels. It had a slight tingling sensation, and felt very refreshing on the skin, but didn’t leave it red.

Next was the Detox Elixir Hydrating Mist to refresh the skin and act as a toner.  I believe the First Blush Brightening Serum and the Crinkle Eraser Firming Serum were the two main products responsible for the very soft skin I had after the facial.  The Bright-Eyed Flawless Eye Treatment added nice hydration to my dry under-eye area, and is also formulated to deal with puffiness.  The last product was the the O-Mega Moisture Nourishing Cream, and I was given a sample of the Night Recharge Retinol Treatment to take home.

What I liked about this facial and the products, aside from the softness of my skin, was the fact that they sank in so well. Each product was effective, had a pleasant aroma, and was very easy to apply.

To be honest, my hardcore vitamin c- retinol- moisturiser- sunscreen routine is pretty finely tuned and extremely effective, so this range won’t be entering my skincare regime any time soon, but I would absolutely have this facial again. My skin is dry, and with all the retinol I use it’s great to have a facial which rehydrates my skin in a gentle manner.  It’s also a lovely pick-me-up when you’ve been running around the city all day.

Get in and have one while you can!

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4 Responses to A ‘Super’ Facial – Dr Perricone at Kit Cosmetics

  1. GlossQueen says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you managed to get in for a Quickie.

  2. How coo is the branding & packaging. sounds yummo. Have a dr appointment near Myer tomorrow was thinking of swinging by to try!!

  3. Dempeaux says:

    @GlossQueen Me too! It was so nice to call in and have a facial. Great staff too 🙂

  4. Dempeaux says:

    @MeMyBestAndI Oh definitely call in! It’ll be worth it 🙂

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