Balenciaga in Perth – oh true apothecary!


I’m concomitantly impressed and surprised by ‘Cult Status‘ in Perth. I’m impressed that a little shop in our little town stocks Balenciaga handbags, and a decent range of them too. But who can afford to spend $2,500 on a handbag? Where do these people live? In Perth?

Online, one can find a little moral quandry. ‘Replica Market‘ makes the same Balenciaga handbags for a fraction of the price; usually just a few hundred dollars. At least this site is open and honest about producing knock-offs, where others will skirt around the issue to lure the unsuspecting. But is it right to support a trade that profits from someone else’s talent and design? I’m not sure the old “I pay thy poverty and not thy will” cuts it.

The middle-ground of this issue manifests itself in the well known If you’re after Balenciaga you’re out of luck here because they don’t stock it, but they do offer a large range of other designer handbags at more reasonable prices than you’d find in Perth, such as this Miu Miu handbag for $1600:


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