New Chanel Stock Listed at


Check out all the new Chanel products at Some of the products they’ve just listed are:


Mat Lumiere Foundation in Soft Honey, Naturel, or Soft Bisque $34.99 (+ $5.75 shipping to Oz)


Lumiere Soleil Palette $62.99 (+$7.75 for shipping, so about $7 cheaper than roses_are_red56 price below).


Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Mocha $26.99 (+$5.75 shipping to Oz)


Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Shadow in Amethyst $24.99 (+5.75 shipping to Oz)


Aqualumiere Lip Colour in Barbados $19.99 (+ $5.75 shipping to Oz)

Happy hunting!

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2 Responses to New Chanel Stock Listed at

  1. checkit says:

    I have received terrible customer service recently! And I would encourage all potential buyers to avoid this website at all costs!!!

    1. Five months later my order has still not arrived and despite many emails, Sheri Butte copy and pasted the same replies to me, like she was an automated computer.

    2. Today, she sent me an email to advise that the parcel had been returned because of an incorrect address.

    3. I asked for a full refund as I did not want to pay postage AGAIN for makeup that had been in transit for five months.

    4. I was not given a full refund and she was highly rude and said it was my fault because I provided the incorrect address. That which I did not!!!!!!! I don’t know how she thinks she has the nerve to tell me where I live in Australia?!

    Nothing but painful and rude dealings. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!!

  2. Dempeaux says:

    @Checkit Wow, that’s terrible! Thanks for the info! I’m so sorry that your experience was this bad 🙁

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