DIY Hair Volume

I rarely post about hair-related discoveries, but I’m so chuffed with this one that I had to share.

My hair is usually incredibly flat. Ten minutes of blowdrying and it’s usually plastered to my scalp within the hour. But I’ve discovered a DIY formula that gives volume all day, reduces shedding, and promises more hair growth. My hair looks great!

Doesn’t look like much? Well, to the girl who has normal hair, I suppose it isn’t. But for me, this is an achievement.

Not only is my hair usually flat, but I lose a lot of hair. A lot. It’s always been this way. There are great clumps of it all over the house if I don’t vacum regularly, and every time I brush my hair a tonne of it ends up wrapped around my brush.

This is what it normally looks like:

And this is what it looks like after three weeks of using this formulation:

It’s too early to tell whether any new hair has, or will, sprout, but my hair hardly sheds at all now, and the formula is a great styling product which gives me great volume. So far, I’m very happy!

I recently read on SkinCareTalk about some of the girls using Sea Kelp Bioferment in hair tonics to promote hair growth. There are a few variations on this treatment, but my version contains:

15% Sea Emollient
15% Sea Kelp Bioferment
65% distilled water.
5% Goji Berry Extract

All of these ingredients are meant to stimulate hair growth (except the water, obviously). There are no published studies available on this – all evidence is purely anecdotal. But I’d heard enough raving about formulas like this one to give it a go.

Simply place all the ingredients in a container, shake, and you’re done. I just put mine in a sauce bottle so that I can apply the formula directly to my roots post wash:

So this is how I apply it.

Part hair:

And apply directly to the root. Repeat this all around the head, as if applying hair dye.

Try to cover as much of the scalp as possible.

Massage it into the scalp all over the head.

Comb through gently. I use my Tangle Teezer to avoid any unnecessary hair breakage:

Then I brush my hair straight back with a longer-bristled brush to move product down the hair shaft towards the ends:

Then just blowdry as normal:

I usually just leave the ends to dry naturally to avoid applying too much heat:

Hair when dry:

I haven’t used a round brush here, I’ve just turned my head upside-down and blowdried in the usual fashion:

And there you have it!


The Sea Kelp Bioferment and Sea Emollient are both available from Skin Essential Actives, and the Goji Berry Extract is available from LotionCrafters. Distilled water is available from your local supermarket. Best of all, these ingredients are easy to prepare, and you can make gallons of this formula for a small price.

I really love this formula. I’m working on a slightly heavier, overnight treatment to see if I can boost results even further, whilst using this lighter, post-wash formula during the day. I shall report back if and when I see any hair growth. In the mean time, I’m very happy!

Edit: Goji Berry Extract has been out of stock at LotionCrafter for some time now, so I’ve just been using 15% Sea Emollient, 15% SKB, and 70% distilled water. Still works a treat. As I go through quite a bit of it, I tend to double the recipe too. My hair keep looking better and better!

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  1. Dempeaux says:

    @Myna I haven’t – I find that this formula is sufficient. Hope it works for you too!

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