Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base for $21.76


I’m sure you’ve heard lots of positive reviews already about this eyelash primer, but let me add my humble voice to the chorus and give you a short review:


– It’s not white, like a lot of mascara bases

-Gives you lots and lots of volume, and hence the famed  ‘false lash effect’

– Holds curl

– Makes waterproof mascara even more waterproof/ transferproof


– Tendancy to clump the way any volume/ length building mascara ultimately would, so don’t forget to wiggle your brush through your lashes as you apply.  Also dries quickly, so best to apply mascara base, then mascara, to one eye at a time.

-Difficult to get off, so you’ll need a good makeup remover

So, for someone like me who wants a false lash effect, doesn’t mind spending a bit of time scrubbing it off, and has problems with mascara transfering, this is a brilliant product.  If you go to ebay toddlerdepot is selling this for $21.76 including shipping to anywhere outside the US!

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  1. Is it the same price for shipipng to Australia?

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