Overlooked Blushes

There are a few blushes that I’ve been reaching for over my favourite Chanel Narcisse:  one by Milani and one by NYX.  Both are worth mentioning for the colour, performance, and overall quality of the product (and the price doesn’t hurt either).

Milani ‘Luminous’

Picture 139

Picture 142

This is a gorgeous pinky-peach colour which gives your cheeks a healthy sheen which is not ‘too much’, but instead makes your skin look like it’s in great condition.  You can also build up the colour from something natural to a much more dramatic look if you prefer.  This is great to pair with bronzer during summer, but I also like it with black knits and jackets in winter. Apooh9 is selling Milani Luminous for $3.25 plus $10.76 shipping to Australia.

NYX ‘Angel’

Picture 125

Picture 130

This is a soft pink matte blush that gives you a lovely glow.  It’s highly pigmented, so don’t get too much on the brush, but like the Milani ‘Luminous’ I love this on my pale skin in winter and my more tanned skin in summer.  Very natural and easy to wear.  Sungems is selling NYX Angel for $5.95 plus $3.00 shipping to Australia.

Also recommended: ‘Peach‘, ‘Natural‘, and ‘Dusty Rose‘.

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