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This is a stunning looking palette.  Orginally a Sephora exclusive, this palette is a collaboration between makeup artist Carol Shaw and stylists Estee Stanley and Cristina Ehrlich of Miss Davenporte fame.   The vintage-style beaded compact shows their Old Hollywood influences, and the sparkling velvet on the inside of the palette is breathtaking under lights.

Now, let’s talk about the shadows. The colours are much more wearable than the promotional image would have you believe (see the bottom of this post for the picture), and whilst companies always market palettes by saying how versatile they are, this one actually is.  If you want to go for a neutral day look, you can pair Sand, Serenity, and Luxe.  If you want to add depth to the crease, add Glamour, or use it to line the eye. If you want to create a (very wearable and not goth at all) smokey eye, put some Glamour in the outer ‘v’ and the crease, as well as on the lower third of the lid, and blend, blend, blend, like so:


A word of warning though:  the lightest colour, Sand, is great as a brow or cheek highlight, but use a light hand – if I’m not careful this is a serious highlight even on my fair skin.  I avoid it as an inner corner highlight during the day (I use Serenity instead) because I just can’t seem to spread it lightly as I can on my brow and cheek bone.  If I was using this at night, Sand would be perfect as an inner corner highlight though.  These shadows are about as shimmery as your average MAC pigment – which I’m happy to wear during the day – but if you would only wear pigment at night, perhaps save this palette for evenings out.  It would fit really well in a purse, but like the Croc Palette it doesn’t come with brushes, so you’d have to take those along in your bag too.  I’m still staggered by the amazing quality of these shadows – they are, without doubt, the equal of MAC and Nars.  They spread like butter.

I love the Couture blush.  It’s a coral-pink-rose-gold which creates a flattering gold sheen on the cheeks, making your sking look flushed and healthy.  The blush pairs well with the three brown colours to create a neutral eye, but also plays nicely with a more dramatic smokey eye.

I bought this palette from crazydealtime2000 on ebay.  The cost, including shipping to Australia, is USD $19.49 (AUD $21.35).  Mine didn’t come with the box or the bag, but the inside still had all the protective layers of plastic intact and was brand new.


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