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Normalising Mask with Cotton Milk $25, Summer Shine Body Lotion $10, Formula 200 Body Lotion $10, Acne Facial Cleanser (free gift with purchase), Citrus Body Cleanser $10, Buffering Lotion $17, Glycolic Foaming Cleanser $15, Drying Cream $12, Seaweed Night Cream $20, Drying Mask $18

My Mario Badescu order arrived today from  Reviews to follow.

If you are looking to purchase Mario Badescu outside the US, don’t pay $68 shipping from Mario, and don’t pay retail prices.  I’ve included the cost of the products I bought here (in USD)  for your information.  For shipping information on Mario Badescu orders from click here.  For reference I paid USD $25 shipping for this order, which is pretty good considering the collective weight of all of this.

For girls in Australia, you can compare the price of Mario Badescu products at here.

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3 Responses to Mario Badescu from

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  2. putri says:

    hi.. i also want to order MB from, may i know how long it takes to ship the product to melbourne? Btw, i love ur blog, esp about the skin product =)

  3. Dempeaux says:

    Hi there! Anything from takes around 2 1/2 weeks to turn up in Australia, but I always find everything else about the site very reasonable (price, service etc). It may take less time to get to you in Melbourne. Thankyou for the blog praise, it’s much appreciated! I’m pretty obsessed with skincare at the moment, so expect more skincare posts coming up. They just take longer to test out than makeup 🙁

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