DIY Rose Sunscreen (24% Zinc Oxide) + latest skincare routine

Hi everyone!

So I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a while, and now that it’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting here with green tea in hand, I think that now is the time!

I’ve posted quite a bit in the past about DIY skincare and improving my skin, and I have posted a sunscreen tutorial in the past too. This Rose Sunscreen recipe is simply a refining of that original sunscreen recipe. Rose sunscreen is very thin, spreads very easily, doesn’t leave a white cast , and actually gives you a little bit of coverage too. I sometimes just wear it as a base on its own because it makes my skin look so healthy. I think this would have to be the best sunscreen formula I’ve ever made, and blows any commerically available product out of the water. It’s also 99% natural (as a little preservative is a necessary evil, I fear).

Other than sunscreen, at the moment I’m using a simple but potent skincare routine of:


‘Easy rinse’ oil cleansing method

10% MAP (vit c) serum

Shea butter as moisturiser

Rose sunscreen


‘Easy rinse’ oil cleansing method + tanaka massage

Kinetin serum

Shea butter as moisturiser

Exfoliation with a microfibre or muslin cloth when needed


My skin reacts very well even to this quite simple skincare routine because all the serums have potent, fresh ingredients. It also costs me a fraction of what it would cost to buy in store. I’m hoping to add an eye serum and another face serum to my routine in the coming weeks πŸ™‚

Before I get to the recipe, let me share some pics of what the Rose Sunscreen looks like. These were taken a while ago in readiness for this post (better late thanΒ  never!):

In the photo above I am wearing Rose sunscreen, blush, lipgloss, mascara, and that’s it. It makes my skin look really healthy!

This sunscreen also adheres well to the skin, works with makeup, and is so much cheaper than buying a ready made product in the shops.

So here is how to make it:

  • ZnO (coated) …………………. 24%
  • Rosehip Oil …………………… 24%
  • H2O ………………………………. 20.5%
  • HA @1% ……………………….. 10%
  • Sea Emollient ……………….. 5%
  • Vit E Powder ………………….. 3%
  • Lecithin …………………………. 8%
  • Sclerotium Gum @1% …. 4%
  • Grape Seed Extract ………. 0.5%
  • CoQ10 ………………………….. 0.5%
  • Phenox. ………………………… 0.5%
  • Rose EO
  1. Warm oil in a basin of warm water, and dissolve the CoQ10, then lecithin. Blend.
  2. Add ZnO bit by bit and really work it into the formula. I blend and then use a spoon to scrape down the sides and vigorously stir so that the ZnO is evenly distributed. Do this about three or four times, then pour the ZnO mixture into a container and put to the side. Clean blender.
  3. Place water and Vitamin E Acetate into the blender. Then add Grape Seed Extract and continue to blend until there are no lumps. Pour into a container and set aside. Wipe out/ clean.
  4. Place Sea Emollient in blender. Add hyaluronic acid, and blend, then Sclerotium Gum and blend.
  5. Slowly add the water/ Vit E/ Grape Seed Extract mix from earlier and blend.
  6. Slowly add the ZnO/ Oil/ CoQ10/ Lecithin mixture and continue to blend.
  7. Blend the entire mixture, pausing every now and again to scrape down sides and mix the formula yourself. Blend until the formula becomes nice and smooth. Do this for as long as you can.
  8. Add phenoxyethanol and Rose Geranium essential oil and blend a little more.
  9. Place sunscreen into a plastic bag, cut off a corner with scissors, and pipe into an airless pump bottle.
  10. You should have a light, milk-coffee coloured sunscreen that disappears into the skin and gives a healthy glow.

I’ve kept the measurements as percentages so that you can make this recipe in whatever quantity you wish. To make the process easier, you can use SEA’s batch calculator here.

Zinc Oxide is obviously really good for sun protection, but if you have skin that is acne/ blackhead prone, or is just in need of repair or calming, zinc oxide is a great ingredient. If my skin is ever a bit wind-bitten I just wear my sunscreen to bed and my skin is fixed the next day. This recipe also functions as a serum because it contains lots of antioxdiants (partially to mop any free radicals around, partially for your skin) and skin-loving ingredients in general.

I still buy all my ingredients from Skin Essential Actives because they have the best quality ingredients for the cheapest price. If you want to talk more about DIY skincare, head here.

I hope you try out this recipe!



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72 Responses to DIY Rose Sunscreen (24% Zinc Oxide) + latest skincare routine

  1. Dramaquin says:

    Hi Dempeaux,

    It’s me again. What do you use to check your pH? I bought the pH strips from SEA but it’s just plain without any numbers on them. In the DIY forum, others have readings like 2.5 or 3.5 which I supposed they are using some kind of meter reader.

  2. Dempeaux says:

    @Dramaquin It appears that SEA has this measure on their pH strips too?

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  4. Dramaquin says:

    Honestly, I don’t know how accurate is the strips but hopefully I can find a pH meter that would do more precise reading. Oh, by the way, I love your new sun screen with ALA. Maybe I will venture into that in the future.

  5. Dramaquin says:


    Is there a reason for using coated ZnO instead of the uncoated ZnO powder? I have been using pure ZnO powder to make the rose sun screen.


  6. Dempeaux says:

    @Dramaquin Yes, the strips are not as accurate as a meter, but I understand that the meter has to be callibrated etc and is a little more difficult to use. Definitely gives a more precise reading, though. I know that SEA have sold them in the past, but they may be sold out at the moment. I would email them for more info (in general) on the meters.

    Glad you like the sunscreen! My skin is still loving it. I can’t wait to put it on every day πŸ™‚

  7. Dempeaux says:

    @Dramaquin Easier to work with the coated version. No other reason πŸ™‚

  8. Dempeaux says:

    @Dramaquin Also, you might like to join this forum if you are really getting in to DIY. Top notch information.

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  10. Dramaquin says:

    Thanks for the info. I really started looking into DIY because I stopped buying serum and lotion due to ingredients they use. I always gets rashes or itch from using these products probably due to all those silicone or chemical inside. Also, I realized some of the products uses macadamia nut oil. My daughter who is 22 is allergic to MN since birth. My husband is from Hawaii and unfortunately the State’s favorite is not so favorite with her. She would break out in rashes as soon as she touches it. So, we are very careful with the food she eats. MN has been like the choice lately in some cookies and food so each time we have to ask them whether there is MN in them. Then two months ago she came back to visit and I let her use one of my mask. I didn’t realized that they use MN oil in that mask so she broke out in rashes. So, now, I have advise her to check the contents of everything she buy from the store. She is an avid golfer so I really want to make her a sun screen that won’t make her face break out. She is too young to be using those wrinkle stuff but she has like dark circle under her eyes; so I am really looking for a product that can get rid of that.
    As for the sunscreen I will be using it vigorously next week when I go to the Bahamas for a week with my sister.

  11. Dempeaux says:

    @Dramaquin It’s so good to know what goes in to your skincare! Particularly when there’s an allergy involved. Not only to you get top quality products. but you guard yourself and your lovely daughter against these sorts of reactions. Sunscreen is a great place to start with skincare, and if she has any pimples, it’s a great anti-acne treatment too (due to the ZnO content).

    The Bahamas sound great! That will be the real test of your sunscreen πŸ™‚

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  13. dramaquin says:

    Finally, my stuffs arrived from SEA. This time I used all the ingredients you used to make the Rose sunscreen and it is awesome. The first time I made this I didn’t use some of the exact ingredients in your formula. Now, the texture and feel is exactly like your picture and I am real happy. I will continue to make this and might try the new one you just posted in the near future. I saw you used the airless pump for yours. I did order mine from SEA but didn’t use because it might be a pain to try to clean it since ZnO can be tough to remove. I am trying to look for an airless pump bottle with a wide mouth. I have seen the ones from Korea in black and gold 50 ml on Ebay and it looks pretty. Also, I think it is easier to clean.

    Thanks for the great forumula.

  14. Dempeaux says:

    @Dramaquin How exciting! Well done! I ADORE that Rose Sunscreen formula. Better than anything on the market in my opinion. The texture is light and easy to apply. I love the finish it gives to the skin, too. I have my eye on these pumps for sunscreen Nice and big, and much easier for cleaning sunscreen (as you say, it does tend to cling). Yay!

  15. dramaquin says:

    I saw this one on ebay and tempted to get this.

    One thing I learn when cleaning small mouth bottles is put a spoonful of rice and few drops of dish washing liquid and add a 1/4 water and shake the daylight out of it. I do this a few times till there is no film or residue inside the bottle. Long milk bottle brush don’t help but the rice really clean out every corner. For plastic containers you cannot use hot water. You can spray alcohol but some plastic reacts to it. So I would pour 1/8 a cup of white vinegar and a 2 cups warm water and soak all my stuffs inside to kill bacteria. Some of my containers I would pour some vinegar and let it sit for couple of hours then wash it out and let it dry. I just like my stuffs to be germ free and spotless.

  16. Dempeaux says:

    @Dramaquin These are some good tips! I’m going to try the rice thing. No need to sterilise airless pumps from SEA – they arrive sterile. I personally just wipe over pots etc with alcohol before I begin.

    Love those pump bottles! The black and gold is cute!

  17. Janice Moore says:

    Today I made your rose sunscreen formula. I didn’t have any plain lecithin so I used egg lecithin. I don’t know if that’s what the problem was, but everything seemed Ok until I combined the oil/CoQ10/egg lecithin with the balance of the mixture. It did not mix well. It came out thick and would not blend together. The only thing I did different was I used egg lecithin and a hand mixer to blend everything. Any comments? Thanks.

  18. Evelyn W says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for posting all these DIY, I’ve learned so much from this site alone.

    I want to make this sunscreen but add Idebenone for extra anti-oxidant properties. Would it help, do you think?

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